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Friday, September 7, 2012

You are Probably a Mom If....

I was recently on a long drive by myself.  Alone.  While that itself is a rarity, I was able to enjoy the quiet time and really think.  Oddly enough, I got to thinking about how my life has changed over the past five years or so.  A lot of the self-reflection I’ve done lately is solely due to the fact that my first baby has started kindergarten.  Seriously, I have a kid in school.  Wasn’t I just in school myself, only a few years ago?  Oh, how the years play tricks on our minds.

After thinking of how being a mommy has changed me, I also realized this will have to be a two-part post.  The “top 10 reasons” just won’t cut it, but it’s a start.  So, you are probably a mom if: 

1. You get a minivan. No explanation needed.  I knew one girl in college who drove a station wagon, but only because it beat walking.   
2. You are not afraid of being stranded in your minivan.  Why not?  Because you know that you could survive for at least a week on all the Cheerios, crackers and Goldfish crumbs in the floor (and whatever is in those half-empty cups in there, if you are desperate). 

3.  You second guess every purchase you make for yourself.  You know that you can use that money for daycare, new shoes for the kids or co-pays for the pediatrician.   

4.  You buy yourself new underwear every five years.  What a splurge, right?!  (see number 3 above) 

5. Your dinner consists of the kids’ leftovers.  And you eat it while standing up.  I can totally remember as a kid wondering why my mom never sat down to eat.  Lord, now I know it’s so much easier to just stand up so you can fetch everything for everyone else. 

6.  You need a social secretary to keep up with your five-year-old.  Play dates, parties and tee ball, oh my! 

7.  You know what starts with the words “Mom, watch this!” never ends well. 

8.  You can rock a baby (or two), read to a preschooler and make a sandwich at the same time. Or maybe that’s just me; having twins forced me to master multi-tasking. 

9. You can fall asleep anywhere, anytime.  Waking up every 15 minutes during the night with a baby has made you this way. 

10.  You need your own mom.  You want to call her just so she can tell you that you aren’t screwing it up (thanks, Mom!).
To be continued...

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