Bramell, Party of Five: Conversations With My Kids

Friday, September 14, 2012

Conversations With My Kids

As always, my little monkeys have provided me with some good material to share. Read on to see just a tiny glimpse of what Lee and I get to witness Every. Single. Day.  

Last night, we were sitting around the table eating pizza for dinner. Evan asked me for a new piece of pizza with "pepper" on it. Thinking he wanted Parmesan cheese, I held up the shaky cheese to him.  "No, pepper," he insisted. (We have been seasoning their food with salt and pepper lately, as the grown ups do.) I explained that we do not eat pepper on our pizza. He fussed a little, so I asked him, "Pepperoni?"  Maybe he wants pepperoni?  Then Carley looks at him and asks, "Peppermint?" Then she laughed, as if she understood why this was funny. I had no idea she knew the word, much less could say it! 

Kids at the Tontitown Grape Festival last month. Total money suck, but how could I deny them?

After the littles went to bed, I sat on the couch with Becca to catch the end of America's Got Talent. She was excited that Justin Bieber was going to perform. A few minutes into the song, a young black rapper joined the Biebs on stage.

Becca:  Mom, who is that other boy?

Me:  I don't know, but I bet they will say his name at the end.

Becca:  I bet he's Justin Bieber's brother.

FYI: The rapper was Big Sean. I'm totally uncool, so I had to Google it to find out. And just for the record, he is not JB's brother.

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  1. They keep things interesting don't they?!

    For the record, I have to google or imdb someone, almost everyday.


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