Bramell, Party of Five: It's Twin Tuesday!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It's Twin Tuesday!

I was planning to sit down and write a really sentimental story about how great it is to have twins (particularly two two-year-olds) but my day got a little derailed, which sent me down another path entirely.

Our morning started out pretty good; we were on track to win the daily game of "beat the clock."  Then, it happened.  Just like every other day, the wheels fell off the bus.  Girl Twin started her relentless crying and begging to be held, while following my every step through the house.  Boy Twin refused to let me get him dressed.  He only settled down once I gave in and let him wear his nice dress shoes with his gym shorts and T-shirt. (!!)  Big Sis didn't want to get out of bed.  Once she finally dragged herself to the couch, we were in severe danger of being tardy to school.

None of the kids wanted to eat breakfast, which totally annoys me.  Then, a mere ten minutes later, they all wanted to eat something...but not the same thing.  Boy Twin kept licking the peanut butter off his apple slices, then threw another fit when I wouldn't give him more PB on the already-licked apples.

The best part of the morning?  I was in the kitchen hurriedly throwing together a lunch for Big Sis when Girl Twin gets my attention from the living room.  "Mommy?" she said, holding up one finger to show me.  I poked my head into the other room long enough to ask if she had a booger.  "Poo poo" was her answer.  WHAT??  Yes, she was holding up a finger coated in poo.  From her diaper.

At this point, we were so late that the dirty diaper was just going to have to wait.  I cleaned up her hands, closed the lunch box, brushed Big Sister's hair and hustled the kids out the door.  As we sped drove to kindergarten, I let the stink out through the open windows and gobbled down the already-licked apple slices.

I dried the sweat off my cleavage as we pulled up to the school at 7:56.  Ah-ha! I win.

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