Bramell, Party of Five: July 2008

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


This is Becca's new bear, Kacee. We had our first Build-a-Bear experience over the weekend. It was a birthday gift from our friends Janet and Bob. Becca enjoyed watching the bear being made. Can you tell who picked out the shirt???

Can you believe our baby is 14 months old now? I was thinking about it last night when I was getting her ready for bed. I begged her to let me hold her and rock her to sleep like I used to do every night when she was a baby. She was not having any of that. No sir, now she's a big girl and will get down from our lap and walk herself into her room and wait by the crib to be put down. Amazing, I know! But can't a mommy rock and cuddle with her baby anymore? I know that we are lucky Becca is so good about her bedtime routine. We have a bath and read a couple of books, then off to "night-night."

Mother's Morning Out is taking a summer break for the next month, so it's back to full-time Daddy Daycare for a while. Grandma Francena is helping out more than usual, too.

That's really all we have going on now.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Update on Dad

I just talked to Daddy this morning. He was waiting on his breakfast, then they are going to let him go home today. He got moved into a regular room late last night and got more rest than the first night. He will be off work for two I hope he doesn't find more trouble to get into with all that free time!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Wedding Dresses, Hospitals and Poop....OH MY!

Where to begin? I know we have not posted in a while, but we have no new photos of The Diva (I know!), so what is the point?

Here's a recap of our busy weekend. We made the trek to Wynne on Friday. Thank goodness I took the day off so we could get an early ONLY took us 6 hours to get there! Yes, 6 hours I said. This is where the poop comes in. Becca slept till we stopped for lunch in Russellville, so that part was fine. We ate, walked Fergie and loaded back up. After another stop for gas and a walk in Conway, off we went again. Then, around Vilonia, Becca started her hysterical screaming---in a bad way. After about 20 miles, we realized she must have a tummy ache because she blew out her diaper. There was poop all over the place--on her clothes, her binky, the carseat and seatbelt. It took a good 30 minutes to get all cleaned up and on the road again (holding our noses). Ahhh, traveling with a toddler....good times. Not.

Then, wedding dresses......went Saturday morning to shop for dresses with Tracy. I have to admit that I was prepared for the worst---but apparently, I am the only one who has fits in dressing rooms. It went very smoothly and Tracy bought a beautiful dress that is perfect for her. The shopping proved to be short and sweet, and successful.

Now, the hospital. Last night we had been home for roughly 3 hours when my phone rang with bad news. Daddy is in the hospital in Jonesboro. He fell off a ladder and has a concussion. Anyone who knows my daddy knows what a klutz he is; so I was not the least bit surprised to hear this. He has hired a man to build a deck on the back of his house, so why he thought he needed to be "helping," I'll never know. The CT Scan in Wynne didn't show anything broken, swollen or bleeding in his head, thank goodness. They went ahead and took him to Jonesboro and put him in ICU to observe overnight. I've talked to him twice, so I think he's going to be fine. We are waiting on them to do another CT Scan today to see if anything has changed or if they will let him go home. Let's hope and pray that all is OK and he just learned a lesson about being too old and clumsy to do stupid things like climb 16 feet up a ladder.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Well, with some help with my good buddy Jason Duffy (not pictured), the roof is down!! On Saturday after the rain went thru I went out to the house and gave Jason a call to come over and bring his chain saw. Of course I didn't call him until after I cut down one tree with my axe. We tied a rope to the middle beam running thru the house, knocked out three corners of the house. She was still standing so we whacked a few more studs out of the walls and then gave a couple of good yanks on the rope and down she went!!
A big tree limb that had been touching the roof just came down with it too and for a brief moment I thought it was going to take out my truck (it didn't even come close). I guess over the years it had created a lot of tension in the tree limb and it just snapped when the roof gave way. Needless to say I have a little more cleanup to do now too (and Duffy left his chainsaw for me!!) A shout out to the neighbor, Rose, for letting me use her electricity for the chainsaw, getting me the occasional glass of water, and for letting her boyfriend help me push the aforementioned tree down away from her house.
I have already got about half the roof into the dumpster and I hope to have enough evenings this week to get this demo done by the weekend.
That is, if Rhonda can stand having Becca clutch her legs and cry without dropping her off at the house with me. Becca is teething again and she has several teeth coming in at once. She has not been eating like the carnivore she usually is and has been very whiny.

Big stud!!

That big stump is the tree I cut down with me axe. The house has (had) several trees that were growing right next it. This one I cut down was a good 25 feet tall, so you know no one has lived in this house for a long, long, time.

I have been thinking of going Amish, since up until the very end I have used no power tools. Hhmmm, I guess that would mean we couldn't blog anymore. I will have to think about it :)
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