Bramell, Party of Five: July 2011

Friday, July 22, 2011

Funny things to remember

I've had this post written in my head for a few days, so I need to just get it down before I forget. I'm doing a poor job keeping baby books or memory books for the kids, but so thankful for the blog to help document all the things I want to remember to pass on to them when they are bigger.

I took this picture of Carley the other day. She is our climber! We never had to worry about Becca climbing very much, but Carley is a whole other story. WOW. This was one morning while I was getting ready for work. I put them in the "cage" to play and walked back through the house to find her on top of the laundry basket.


Carley is just really quirky, I think. Besides climbing on the laundry basket, her favorite spot in the house is on top of the hearth. Now, it's really just about a 3" step...but she loves to sit up there. What's funny is that she can't figure out how to get down! She'll sit up there and play forever, then cry when she's ready for us to come get her down. It's hilarious!

She also has a lovey, which Becca never did. She loves to sleep with her blankie then drag it around the house all day.

The kids are usually sitting at the table eating dinner when I get home from work in the evenings. Becca and Fergie will run to me at the door, Evan will wave at me from his high chair, and Carley will scream bloody murder and cry until I pick her up for hugs. On the days when they aren't already eating, it's a dogpile on the floor when I come home. I love it! It's so sweet to be missed when I'm gone.


Talk about a busy-body! Evan is on the move and never, ever still. It's strange to already be able to see such a difference in having a baby boy vs. baby girl. He is so destructive; he tips over the trash can, flops around in the tub like a fish and throws things like crazy. His favorite activity is throwing the ball--and he's really good at it! He can throw right to where he's looking and he can stop a rolling ball with his hands and legs. YAY~~maybe we'll have a Major Leaguer!


The other day Lee and I went together to pick her up at school. She got into the van and asked us if we know Justin Bieber! Lordy, I am so not ready for that yet! I guess the kids talk about the Biebs, because we definitely do not at home.

We've been talking a lot lately about her growing up and getting big. She says that she doesn't want to get big, that she just wants to be a kid forever. I'm trying to convince her that getting big is fun! Ha! The other night, she was helping me fix dinner. Here's our conversation--

Her: When I get big, we can all work at at restaurant.

Me: Who?

Her: Me, You and Daddy. I'll be the cooker and you and daddy can be the bringers!

Me: What's a bringer?

Her: You know, you bring people the food!!

I guess it does make sense. : D

Carley's first haircut

Big girl Carley got her first haircut the day after her 1st birthday! She really had been needing one for a couple of months, but I wanted to wait. There is a new place in Fayetteville for kids called Pigtails & Crewcuts, so we gave them a try! The decor is so cute, with the fun chairs and TV's everywhere.

Carley surprised us for sure! I expected to have to hold her for the haircut, but check this out! She sat all by herself and never made even a little peep. She was perfectly still and quiet and the lady was finished in 5 minutes. I just couldn't believe it! It was a Saturday and the place was packed, so we ended up waiting a long time. I guess the waiting must have worn her out.

We went ahead and got Becca's hair cut, too. She really liked the toy room to wait in and she liked getting a sucker after her hair finished. She looks so big sitting in that car!

Our life in pictures

Here are a few more pictures that came off my phone.

Lee and Becca decided to have a backyard camp out over Memorial Day weekend. Can you tell who the boss is here? Poor Lee, got the tent all set up and hauled all the crap outside and they only stayed out for about 2 hours! Becca didn't want to settle down and go to sleep out there; but in her defense, it was pretty warm. Not too fun sleeping outside when it's 80 degrees! I know they will try again when it cools off; she was so excited about "going camping." Maybe we will even be brave enough to try the real thing with all the kids.

This picture actually came from Ashley's phone. She took Becca for her first big-girl pedicure on her birthday! I didn't get to go because I was getting everything ready for her party, but I think they had a good time. Doesn't she look like such a big girl?

Here is our awesome little garden! We have really been enjoying it this summer. Thank goodness I married a man with a green thumb. For as long as I can remember, Lee has always talked about planting a garden. I don't have the time or the patience for it, I guess.

Lee did every bit of the work to build and plant this thing. I just eat the goodies! We've had corn, peas, yellow squash and cucumbers. The green beans didn't ever grow. Becca has really liked watching the garden grow and helping to pick the veggies, too.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wilson Park picnic and a rockin' good time with Becca

We loaded up the crew and had a fun day at Wilson Park to celebrate Memorial Day. We joined our friends Mike and Jessica, Jason and Misty, and James and Angie to cook out and play. It was a pretty hot day but we toughed it out. Becca got to play with Emma and dip her feet in the water at the castle. She got in lots of playground time, too! Carley and Evan just hung out and watched all the action.

Becca loved playing at the castle. It's one of Fayetteville's landmarks. This is the park that is right behind the Kappa Delta house, where I lived for 3 years in college. I spent lots of time walking and studying at this park.

Trying to keep the babies on the blanket was pretty funny.
They weren't crazy about the grass, but also didn't want to sit still!

Poor Becca was so red-faced and hot!!

The first week of June was the annual Walmart Shareholders meeting in Fayetteville. Each year, they bring in several big-time concerts that are free to the public. I've been to a few over the years; I usually only fight the crowds if I think it's really worth it (i.e., Will Smith). This year, we decided it was worth it again!! We got a sitter for the babies and took Becca to see her first live concert and she really liked it! She loves listening to Lady Antebellum in the van, and knows several of their songs. Poor girl was just tuckered out by the time they got to her favorite song Need You Now. Of course, they save the best/most popular song for last. By that time, she was nearly asleep in my lap!

Darius Rucker (from Hootie & the Blowfish) is now a solo country star and opened for them. He did a great show--I enjoyed it a lot! He was great with the crowd and sang his own songs and some of Hootie's.

You can see we had pretty good seats, though we were on the side of the stage instead of in front. The downside was that we had about 5 levels of speakers blaring in our faces. I was afraid Becca would fuss about it being loud, but nope!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Fun with Pictures

I finally got around to loading my phone pictures onto my computer--yay me! Lots of times I take pictures with my phone because I need to move quickly; by the time I get the camera out, I might have missed the shot.

I don't really know when some of these were taken, but they were all before the kids' birthdays. They are always doing something funny, cute or crazy that's worth snapping a photo of!

Check out Daddy's Little Helper--isn't this so cute?

This was right after the big week-long monsoon rains we had. We got a leak in the roof and one inside the fireplace. Evan was helping Lee fix it, of course. Just melted my heart! Speaking of roof leaks: we are getting a whole new roof! The hailstorm was the week of Easter, and they just delivered our roofing supplies this week. I suspect the roofers will show up at 6:30am tomorrow (Saturday!), the only day we can usually sleep in! Ugh.

Here's a great picture of my SuperHusband and the kids' SuperDad. They are sleeping and he's got it totally under control. Another reason I love this man...

Sweet picture of Carley giving Fergie some love. And Fergie (gee-gee) just sat still and let her. She will let Carley, but not so much Evan. Poor Evan, all boy--he pokes her eyes, pulls her ears and tortures that dog. Fergie will just get up and leave the room when Evan comes around. HA!

Speaking of that little toot, here's Evan hanging out in the backyard. I think this was one nice spring day before it got so miserably hot. Both girls were inside napping, so I got some play time alone with Evan.

I copied this picture off the church website where Becca goes to daycare. These are her two besties from school--Jaelyn and Ashley. Unfortunately, they have both moved to a different daycare this summer. Becca has been very sad about losing them; it almost tore me up. We have made sure to have playdates and they both came to her birthday party. Silly girls being silly!

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