Bramell, Party of Five: May 2009

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Our vacation, Part I

This is the tale of Becca's first boat ride. We went out to Greers Ferry Lake on Tuesday, after 2 days of steady rain. Finally, some sun!! When we got to the marina, we weren't sure about taking the "scenic cruise" since it lasted 2 hours....but then we decided to go for it. But before we got on board, Becca got to feed the giant smelly fish hanging around. I took video of it that I will post later in the week.

This is a house that we passed along the lake. Someone is a lucky dog, for sure. It was ginormous!

Captain Victor let us take Becca out on the deck even though it was against the rules (shhhh, don't tell!). Of course, all she had to do was look at him and say "go outside" and he gave in.
Glad it's not just us. We're all victims.

It's ON now!! After the first 15 minutes of the ride, she didn't sit down again. We took turns sitting out on the deck with her. She wandered all around the boat making friends and flirting with all the other people on the boat.

*Editor Note: Please ignore my husband's idiotic mustache. That is the result of a "contest" among 6 grown men trying to outdo each other. Happy to report it's now gone.

Cheese! What a funny girl.

I'd give the 'ol scenic cruise at Fairfield Bay Marina a two thumbs up. We all enjoyed it, even though Lee was itching to go play golf on that beautiful day. I think he agreed to the cruise just because I wanted to do it. But he did get another (more) beautiful day on Wednesday to play golf. I think he played 40 holes or something ridiculous. But that's ok, because me and Becca went to a puppet show in town. More on that later.....

Saturday, May 30, 2009

More birthday...

At school on Thursday, they celebrated 2 birthdays in the class--Becca's and Katie's. I made some yummy homemade Funfetti cookies for the class and Katie's mom made treat bags for all the kids. Of course, when I was baking away at 9:00 on Wednesday night, I was thinking I should have just bought cookies at the store; they are only 2, what do they know??!! Becca has been saying "Happy Day" a lot! She just can't seem to remember the "birth" part! haha. Here we are, a week later, and she's still saying it!

Here she is driving the school bus with Chuck E. Cheese. Of course, I had to force her to sit by him; she was a little scared.

This is the birthday cake we had. It's really a cupcake cake, white and chocolate mixed. She was pleased, to say the least. And we have the toys to keep (picking up out of the floor) forever. Ahhh.

The day after Becca's birthday, we hit the road for a vacation in Fairfield Bay. I'll post some pictures from that later. I've got a small person tugging on my leg right now, so I have to stop.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Birthday Fun!

Before you blow a gasket, I have way more pics to post but something is wrong with the blogger site tonight. It's not working, so I'll try again tomorrow. There will also be a vacation blog coming up, so stay tuned for that!

Here are a few from our first trip to Chuck E. Cheese last Friday for Becca's birthday. She loved it! Grandma Francena went with us; we had pizza and played for a couple of hours. Not a "real" party, so I guess we are bad parents. Who cares, it was still fun. I'm sure there will be many more trips to see the "Mouse" in our future.

Not sure what is going on here. I think she thinks she's really playing this game.

Becca rode the little carousel about a half dozen times! So cute.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Becca!!

Our baby is TWO today!! Happy Birthday, sweet girl. We woke up with a big squeal this morning and she screamed "TWO!" I made her favorite breakfast (scrambled eggs) and she ate them all.

I am so proud of Becca. She is sleeping in her big girl bed, talking up a storm and doing really well at "school." She is counting to 10, but not always correctly ;)

Last weekend we had a trip to Wynne for the Relay For Life and to visit the fam. Aunt Pam gave her this cute little shopping cart for her birthday gift. She's been filling it up and pushing it all over the house all week.

Our friends Tara and Emmy Ruth stopped by Grammy's house on Sunday to bring Becca a gift. She loves the puzzles--even sharing with Emmy! Look how sweet they are! It reminds us of their mommies when we were little. I hope we get many more photos of them playing together.

I'll post again later after we celebrate her birthday tonight with dinner/playtime at Chuck E. Cheese. We've never taken her before, so we'll see how it goes. We've got some fun surprises for her!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I did it!

Not only is this Becca's favorite sentence, but I really DID do it! My fundraiser that I was working on for the last few months, the cover kid contest, ended on Friday.

The kids raised $15, 510!! That's amazing. I'm so happy and proud.

I have a few new pictures of Becca that Grammy took last weekend. I'll post them when I get them (ahem!).

Later peeps!

Oh yeah, and VOTE for KRIS ALLEN tonight!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Update on Cover Kid Contest

In case anyone is wondering, tomorrow is the last day for the Cover Kid Contest fundraiser for Relay For Life. As of now, the kids have collectively raised $ 8, 456!! We have until 5:00 pm tomorrow to try to hit the $10,000 mark. If you would like to help out, go to and pick a kid to "vote" for. By "vote" I mean donate some money.

This is so exciting!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

We vote KRIS for American Idol!

This is so sweet, I had to share. Becca loves, loves, loves American Idol! Most nights we dance through the whole show--and she makes everyone dance--me, Lee and Fergie! No sitting allowed.

This was last night, when we were getting ready for it to come on. I wish she would sit still, but of course, she just wants to hurry up and watch herself on the video.


Monday, May 4, 2009

The joys of being a kid

I've had these pictures for a while, but haven't had time to get them on the blog. I took Becca with me to the Relay For Life in Fort Smith back on April 24. I was going anyway, and Lee had to work late, so I figured she'd like to go along for a bit.

The girl had a blast! First off, the Relay was the best one I've ever been to--so I was excited, too. Here are the pics that I took.

There is a Planters factory in Fort Smith, so Mr. Peanut came to hang out. Becca would walk up to him, but wouldn't talk to him or shake his hand. She just said "peanut" about a million times.
This hairy dude is Strike, the mascot for The NWA Naturals baseball team. Or, as Becca lovingly calls him, "Monkey!" I guess I can see why she thinks he's a monkey. Again, wouldn't get close to him, but begged me to go see the monkey the whole time we were there.

AND THIS.....look at my big girl!! Her first time in a bouncy house! She begged me to "jump!" and I was very unsure about it. We watched the other kids for a while, until I couldn't stand the begging anymore. It took a couple of pushes to actually get her through the door but she LOVED it and asked to do it again! I was just shocked (and sorry that Lee wasn't there to see her).

So, this concludes Becca's fun night out at Relay. I thought she would sleep on the way home, since it was her bedtime. Wrong. For the entire hour-long drive home, this was our conversation:

Becca: Peanut!!

Me: Yes, Becca, we saw the peanut.

Becca: Monkey!!

Me: Yes, Becca, I know we saw a monkey. His name is Strike.
Becca: Jump, boys!!
Me: I know, you jumped with the boys. You are such a big girl!
Repeat this 100 times over the next 2 days. I'll be so glad when she can say a whole sentence!!

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