Bramell, Party of Five: February 2010

Monday, February 22, 2010

Double Trouble

I've been sitting on this news for a little over a week now. Some of you will already know by now, but I just haven't had time to blog yet. We've been in shock and also fighting a round of the stomach virus.

We had our 19-week ultrasound appointment on Friday 2/12 to determine the baby's gender. Well, hold onto your hats's a BOY AND A GIRL!! Yes, that's right. TWINS. Happy Valentine's Day to us, huh? I have pictures and a DVD as proof, but no way to upload them to share. Here's the story, as it is:

I laid on the table for all of 5 seconds--

Tech: "So, I have a question."

Me: "Yeah?"

Tech: "Did you already know there are two babies?"

Me: "Uhhh. What?"

Tech: "Yeah, one's definitely a boy, but it'll take me a minute to get to the other one."

Me: Hysterical laughing, crying, laughing, crying....repeat and repeat.

Lee: Silence.

We spent most of the weekend in shock, but now that we've had some time, it's all good. Well, mostly good. Funny how the course of your plans can change in one moment.

These are the most often asked questions, in no particular order:

NO, I had NO idea I was pregnant with twins. No mother's intuition or anything. Not to mention two doc visits to hear ONE heartbeat. Duh. Shocking.

YES, twins run in my family. Like a wildfire. Tag, I'm it.

NO, I'm not quitting my job. Just not logical. At least for now.

NO, I don't know how we can afford 3 kids in daycare! If YOU figure it out, let us know.

YES, we do need a bigger house. Plans are moving forward for us to move to Springdale into Francena's house, since it hasn't sold yet. Ours will be for rent soon if you know anyone looking.

NO, we haven't picked out names yet. We didn't even have one name picked out.

YES, Becca seems to understand what's going on. I hope this doesn't turn her into some crazy, jealous freak.

YES, we need a bigger vehicle. Trying to wrap my head around driving a minivan. Not quite there yet.

YES, we will be taking donations--you name, diapers, formula, babysitting. No offers refused here!!

So, that is all. Just take it in.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Our Snow Day

We finally had a really big, good for playing in snow! And it wasn't so bitter cold out that we couldn't enjoy it this time. Last Saturday and Sunday, we bundled up and headed out to play.

We went over to the hilly part of our neighborhood where the kids had started sledding in the driveway of an empty house. Lee and the big kids had a good time, but Becca wasn't crazy about it. She just wanted to walk up and down the driveway with Fergie. Of course, I couldn't join in the fun this time but I got to watch. It was perfect for sledding! And I didn't take my camera that time. Oops.

After sledding on Sunday, we came back home and started our snowman. Becca and I weren't much help because we were getting tired. But Lee did a great job on it! Later I made snow ice cream and homemade icees. Yummy.

Right now, a week later, there's not a speck of snow in our yard but the snowman is still standing!!

Becca, Lee and Fergie before going outside.

Walking up the sledding driveway. The only picture I got, I guess.

Winter Wonderland in front of our house.

Making Frosty

Here he is!!

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