Bramell, Party of Five: January 2008

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Baby Jail!!

I intended to put this one in the last post, but it went over the max limit or something. This is my favorite one! I took it after her nap yesterday morning.

Our big girl--she's mobile!

Yes, we have mobility! Becca started out just scooting, then went to crawling backwards but now she's all over the place. I wouldn't say it's necessarily crawling on hands and knees, but she is managing to get everywhere.

We had a really busy week. Grandma Francena has gone on a two-week trip to Arizona, which leaves us without our backup babysitter. No big deal, right? Well, Becca has been with me at my office at least twice this week and with Lee at his office two or three times. She even sat through a meeting with him and was so good! We've got one more week to go. It's not been too bad, just a little more tiring than usual. It just figures that Lee's business would pick up the day after Grandma leaves!

These pictures are some that Lee took the other morning when Becca first woke up--you can tell. The ones in her crib are hilarious! The progression of her movement is captured in film! One day, she only figured out how to scoot backwards, which caused her to be stuck in her crib. The very next day, and this morning too, I woke to find her sitting up just waiting for us to come get her. It was so cute!! But this also means it's harder to get her down at night since she can sit up--we monkeyed around almost an hour last night trying to get her to stay laying down.

Let's play a game!

This picture is from our shopping trip to Wal-Mart on Monday. Lee was at work, but I had the day off for the holiday, so Becca and I went to get groceries.

Here's the game: leave a comment with a caption for the picture. What is Becca thinking?

NOTE: I hate, hate, hate the belts in the carts. Who had the idea to attach them high, so it's an underarm strap instead of around the waist? Poor baby, I'm sure it's so uncomfortable. This time I tried a pillow behind her but it didn't help much.

Saturday, January 19, 2008


"Don't mess with me, or my black and white friend here will bust you up!"

"You talkin' to me?"

"When my elbow bends, my mouth opens"

"No flash photography, please."

Here are some pictures of Becca. She will be 8 months old on the 22nd. She has gotten over her cold/ear infection and is doing great. Before long she will be crawling, but for the time being she is content to sit and reach real far, and then scoot her butt over.

Fergie better watch out!! She will have Becca chasing her around the house before too long!!

Enjoy the pics.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

More pics from Christmas weekend....

Grammy sent me some pictures she took from Christmas weekend in Wynne for me to share on the blog. She LOVES all the cool toys she got for Christmas! You will see them in the pictures.

We had to make a trip to the doc this morning; Becca has her first ear infection. Luckily, we caught it early and it isn't too bad. She's had a snotty nose and pretty bad cough for about a week now. She weighs 17 lbs, 13 oz. now! She's gained a pound in a month.

That's all for now. We'll try to blog again soon with some new pictures.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Fergie is funny

Just wanted to share a funny story about Princess Fergie VII. (If you don't know, Fergie VII is her official AKC registered name.)

The other night, after Becca was in bed, Lee and I sat together on the couch watching TV. Fergie was in the floor, and we each patted the seat beside us trying to get her to choose one of us to sit beside. Who did she choose, you ask?

Well, to our amusement, she jumped onto the couch and proceeded to plop herself down right in between us! What a smart girl!
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