Bramell, Party of Five: September 2011

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Crummy weekend, cute video

I guess it's never too early to learn the Hog Call, right? I came home from the store yesterday to find that Lee had been practicing with the babies. So cute! And this video is from a day later; they still remembered how to do it!

Crazy Weekend/Friday Night: We were planning to head to Silver Dollar City first thing on Saturday morning. Instead, Evan barfed right after dinner. Then Carley barfed in her bed about 10:00pm. Second baths and changes later, they seemed fine. Not sure what was going on, but there was a sick kid in daycare last week so we figure it's some little bug.

Saturday: We woke up to pouring rain and cool temps, to find that Branson weather wasn't any better. We decided with poor weather and possibly sick babies, we'd better just keep the Crazy Train at home. Decided to postpone the trip to Sunday, where frankly, the weather didn't look much better but we'd chance scattered storms. Lee's nephew, Shane, stopped by to see us since he was in town for the Razorback game. We took Carley for her second haircut and went to eat lunch out on the town. We topped off the afternoon with a Bramell Family Nap and Hogs on TV. Pretty good day, after all.

Sunday: We woke up to cloudy skies at home. Checked out the Branson forecast and decided to take a chance. Of course 60% chance of scattered storms meant trouble. It didn't rain a drop on us the whole way there--until we pulled into the parking spot at SDC! The bottom fell out, and it started to thunder and lightning! Thankfully, we hadn't made it out of the van yet (like the poor suckers parked beside us!). We waited there for a while, then went back into town for lunch and more waiting. The kids were TERRIBLE during lunch. It was still pouring down rain, so we went right back home! Ugh. By the way, Evan has started throwing food at the table; it's lovely. We may never eat at a restaurant again.

Enjoy the video. It's the highlight of our weekend. Good night.

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