Bramell, Party of Five: September 2008

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cheerleader dress is cursed, but oh so CUTE!

So Becca has worn her cheerleader dress for the last two Hogs games....and we see how well that's turned out. In most years I would immediately call it a jinx and never let her wear it again. But this year, probably not the cause. Plus, it's so darn cute she has to wear it! And obviously, balloons make everything better.

We went down on Dickson Street before the game yesterday to check out all the motorcycles at the rally. It was pretty cool to see. It's been going on for 8 years or something, and we've never even gone downtown to look. Too many people for us. We looked all over Dickson St. for this baby a "boon," and could not find one. Daddy made an emergency stop at Chick-fil-A on the way home because mommy knew they'd have one. Rotten!

We love our girls

Here is further proof of our love for dear Ernie. This is the only time Becca will sit still to watch the TV! How cute is this?

Here are some pictures of playtime. She's wearing her souvenir shirt from Destin. We couldn't pass this one up for sure!

And of course, our other baby. I think she's been left off the blog lately, so here's one of the princess. An update: while we were in Florida, she stayed with my friend Shannon and her dog Nicco. They made fast friends and missed each other so much after our return home that we've had to make playdates for them. Our first playdate was a smashing success, and I know there will be more.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

What Becca Likes

So I got to thinking it was about time to do another installment of What Becca Likes for our loyal readers. The last couple of weeks have been really trying for us as she's learning so much and doing so many new things (not all good!). Anyway, on with the show.

What Becca Likes
Playing outside
Books, books and books!
Running from mom and dad
TANTRUMS--the lay in the floor and kick and scream kind--(where did she learn this??)

What Becca Doesn't Like
Sitting down in the bathtub (grrr!)
Eating vegetables, although now I'm sneaking them in via the vegetable soup way (tricky mom!)
Being told what to do (how dare you!!!)
Diaper changes
Going to bed

And, finally, What Becca LOVES: Ernie! Yes, the one who lives on Sesame Street. I told her it's a shame that she had to pick a boy that won't love her back. You know, he already has a boyfriend.

There is a show on Sprout called Play With Me Sesame, and the other day when it was on she ran into the kitchen excitedly pointing toward the TV. So I came out of the kitchen to see what it was Ernie playing the "Ernie Says" game. How cute! She will also point to Ernie in her books and on her Sesame Street diapers.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

It's not about me anymore...

Well, 15 months into this motherhood thing, I've had another realization. Everything we do is now about what's best for Becca, not necessarily what we want. Duh. Did it really take me that long to figure this out? No, but I think I've been in denial.

My baby sister's wedding shower is exactly 45 minutes from now in Wynne. And I'm sitting at my computer in Fayetteville. Yesterday I was so happy to have gotten out of the office early to hit the road for our trip to Wynne, just me and the Boo. I got home to find her burning up with fever--it was 102.6. So we gave her Tylenol and waited around to check it again. It dropped down some, and she seemed to be her normal self, so I decided it would be fine to hit the road and take our chances. We stopped for a diaper change and gas in Russellville and she was burning up again. I checked her temp and it was up to 103.3!! So, in my haste, I decided to head back home to Fayetteville instead of continuing our trip. A temp that high makes me really nervous and I'd rather be home where her doc is and be able to nurse her at home and not worry about a long, sick drive home on Sunday.

Well, now it's almost time for the shower and guess what......yep, she's fine. Go figure. The fever's down and she's playing in the living room while I'm kicking myself for being a wuss. Of course, if we'd gone on to Wynne I'm sure she'd have a 103 temp and I'd be kicking myself for not staying home. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. Right?

TP, I'm so sorry to miss your big day. I hope you have a wonderful time and I'll see you next Saturday for our special day together.

Friday, September 12, 2008

On the way home...

At the pier in Destin.

Isn't she smart?

Cousins Nathan and Sarah. Becca seemed to have a crush on Nathan...we were in Tennessee.

Aunt Annette...just don't call her Marie.....ha,ha

Perfect ride for a Boo!!

More pics from vacay

Just chillin'

Where do you think she is ready to go to?

Let's go ridin'!!!

Let's take a nap!!!

Daddy's smooth pedaling must have wiped her clean out. She was asleep 30 mins into the bikeride.

Friday, September 5, 2008

And now our big news...

We have enjoyed our time here so much, that we have decided to just stay. In 4 short days, we have opened our new business on the beach. It is Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken. And it's good! So come visit and eat some chicken.

hehe, no really. We ate here for lunch one day and the food was great. I guess it's a chain, but we've never heard of it.

The real big news is that poor Becca had about a half dozen meltdowns yesterday. You aren't going to see many pictures. We didn't even get to have our last dinner out, so we got it to go. I know she is tired and ready to go home. Send happy thoughts our way for the long drive ahead. We are going to try to make it to Bernie's house in TN tonight for our stop.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

No shoes, no problem!

Watch out for the giant flesh eating crab!!!!!!

Maybe not.

Isn't that sweet!! I'm surprised Becca would hold Momma's hand. She has become quite the diva when it comes to any kind of public affection.

Just hangin' out at the Hard Rock!! We didn't go in but it made for a good photo op.

On the way to the beach!!! Look at me riding like a big girl!!
"What's in this bucket??"

"I like diggin in the sand!!"

"You can't catch me!!"

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

More beach pics...

First Beach Pictures

Well, here are some Day 1 pictures as promised. Here is our 2nd floor balcony. It took Becca all of 30 minutes to figure out how to throw her shoe overboard, so down I went to retrieve it. Before you all get too excited about our balcony, let me tell you that we have a lovely view of the parking lot. Woo hoo.

We got down to the beach about 4:00. We had spent a couple of hours in the condo hoping that Becca would nap, but no such luck. So off we went. When we got there, double red flags were up which means no swimming. The waves were pretty high (see pics). There were tons of people still swimming, and the beach patrol would come by every few minutes to shoo them away again.

Becca was not loving the beach and the sand. It was actually funny, so I had to take this picture. She will hate me when she's 12.

Surprisingly, it didn't take her long to warm up. She likes the sand! And off she went....

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I guess we were "Destin"ed for vacation.

We arrived at our condo around 6:30 p.m. yesterday. We hit the road about 11:00 after watching the weather channel for a few hours. We had decided to get to Waynesboro, MS; eat some lunch and plan our decent south to Florida. We could either keep going on Hwy 45 to Mobile, AL or take a different route further east and then down to the coast.
After a quick bite at the local Wendy's, I made the executive decision to stay on Hwy 45; after all it was hardly even raining; how bad could it be? About 10 miles down the road we found out. The radio was tuned to MS public radio and about every 5 minutes a new tornado warning popped up. At first they were south and west of us according to the atlas. But then they seemed to be in the county we were heading to or the one we were in!! We kept on truckin' however and after about 2 hours of white knuckle driving we made it to a gas station for some cover on the outskirts of Mobile. We knew the tunnel and the causeway were closed so we took a "detour" around Mobile that brought us into Pensacola. It was smooth sailing the rest of the way and nary a raindrop since. Destin is beautiful and our condo/resort is quite nice.
Now that I have experience driving in a hurricane we'll be ready when we leave here; just in case Hanna decides to show up.
We will post some pics later, but for now we are off to the beach. Y'all have fun in tropical storm Gustav!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

I once knew a girl named Meridian

Well, here we sit in our hotel room watching the weather channel. We are getting some rain here, 196 miles from New Orleans. From what we can tell, some of the roads may be closed the way we need to go (Hwy. 98 from Mobile). Some of the biggest worry is tornadoes.
More updates later...right now I hear a free, $99, continental breakfast calling my name.
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