Bramell, Party of Five: Tradition, Habit or Strange Obsession?

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tradition, Habit or Strange Obsession?

This week, I'm participating in the Blogtober Fest Challenge sponsored by Arkansas Women Bloggers. Today's topic is Fall Traditions.

First, let me explain that my husband grew up in the tiny town of Yellville, Arkansas, a place I'd never been until I met him. In this tiny town, they have a fall festival called Turkey Trot; it includes a 5K race, turkey calling contests, a Miss Drumsticks beauty pageant and a parade. But the highlight of the festival has caused much controversy in the media in the past few years....they throw live turkeys from airplanes flying over the town square. Yes, you read that right. This little festival just celebrated its 67th year this past weekend, and we were there! Try not to be too jealous. I'm pretty sure this was my 5th year to attend, though I can't remember exactly.  

I will say that last weekend there was a collective heaviness hanging in the air around town, that I've not seen there before. I hate to tell this, but there were no turkeys hurled from planes this year. And, would have thought someone died. It was the talk of the town all day, as the Turkey Trot regulars walked around with their necks craned toward the sky. After many years of complaints by PETA to the FAA, it seems that the turkeys have finally been spared. I, as an outsider, do not have this strange feeling of sadness that's apparently shared by those who have enjoyed this insanity for most of their lives. I can say that it was definitely a sight to see and I'm glad that I got to witness it, or I might not believe it myself. 

Here is a little Bramell family pictorial of Turkey Trots from the past. You can see how my kids grew and multiplied over the years.  Enjoy!

Big Sis, age 17 months at 2008 parade

Always fun during election years--2008

Look closely between the first two power lines--a turkey!

See? I did not make this up. Dude got a turkey!
I forgot to mention that the ones who are lucky enough to catch a turkey are expected to walk around the town square to show off his/her bounty.  

The twins' first Turkey Trot--2010
Clearly, they are not impressed.

2010--Big Sis, age 3

YSHS Band--2010

Bonus points for creativity--2012 parade float

My sweeties totally digging the parade--2012
Twins, age 2 and Big Sis, age 5


  1. the pictures say it all. perfect selection for today!

  2. Wow. I thought Cow Patty bingo was weird. :)

  3. craziness! But I love driving through Yellville to Mountain Home. Cute little town:))

  4. I don't even know what to say! ;). Gotta love Arkansas.


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