Bramell, Party of Five: Fall Road Trippin' & Apple Pickin'

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fall Road Trippin' & Apple Pickin'

At the end of September, I decided to take the kids on a road trip to Wynne. Lee stayed behind to get some work done at the house--things that are much easier to do without kids and extra hands around---like painting and cleaning the garage.  

We had a great Saturday at my dad's house. We started out watching the Razorback game, but quickly realized that was going downhill fast.  So, outside we went to pick some apples from his apple tree. Seriously, I had no idea the man even had an apple tree! The kids loved running around in the yard and playing with baby Allie. We picked more apples than I knew what to do with.

Photo credits to my sister here as I did not even attempt to get out my camera. Also realizing we have no photos of Karen or baby Allie this time.

The kids had the easy job, while the adults did all the work.

This kid ate A WHOLE APPLE!

Here's our bounty...sent some to Big Sister's class for snack time, shared some with my co-workers, made an apple pie, made apple nachos and still had plenty left over.

Little stinkers!

The joys of life in the country...the mower is a toy!  Big Sis and Pop were all smiles.

Boy Twin taking his turn on the mower with Pop. Girl Twin was not interested in riding at all.

Little ones with Grammy. We also enjoyed a quick visit from Aunt Pam, Aunt Nanette and Remy this weekend.  There's never enough time to see everyone!

Kids with my Nanny--their GREAT-grandma. Oh, how they adore her!
Overall, we had a great visit with everyone. It's not often that I take the kids that far on my own, but I guess I was feeling a little adventurous. And maybe a little homesick.  Oh, and I never take enough pictures.  It's just too much work to chase kids, that's why I let the aunts and grandmas do it.


  1. Apple nachos? What is this madness? ;)

    1. LOL Sarah--check back tomorrow. I'll share the recipe then. They are fantastic!

  2. I think EVERYONE adores Nanny!


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