Bramell, Party of Five: Kids on Wheels

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Kids on Wheels

Last weekend, we had our very first family outing to the skating rink.  I've taken Big Sis by herself a few times, and for birthday parties, but this was the first time for the littles and Dad to join us.  So fun!!  It won't be long before Big Sis can do it on her fact, she did it this time in small bits. 
Getting laced up, with help from Dad.

Look out, here comes trouble!

The twins hopped right into their skates without any hesitation. We took a couple of laps around the rink, with Dad and me wearing our shoes and holding their hands.  Girl Twin decided she wasn't crazy about it, and would rather walk.  I went to take her skates off, and when I turned around, little dude had grabbed "the helper thing" and was GONE!  So much for holding mom's hand!  He had a blast and never slowed down.  Can't you just see how hard he's concentrating?

So sorry we didn't get any pics of Girl Twin before the skates came off.  Well, there was one, but it was very blurry.  I do see lots more skating in our future, so there will be plenty of time for more pictures.

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