Bramell, Party of Five: It's Twin Tuesday!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

It's Twin Tuesday!

*Goofing around the other day. I'm sure someone was just about to stick a finger into the outlet. Because, as you can see, one outlet is not covered.  Again, Mother of the Year.  

Here's a fact:  Boy Twin and Girl Twin have both been testing my patience lately. And my sanity. (The 5-year-old is doing her share, too...but that's for another post). They are always on the move--mostly running--and they are becoming increasingly more demanding. What can be more demanding than two infants simultaneously crying for a bottle and a diaper change, you ask?

Answer: two toddlers constantly saying, "I want a drink, I need a snack, hold me, s/he hit me,...." and so on.  Oh, and they fight--A LOT. Unless there is hair pulling or biting, we usually let them fight it out. In fact, the other night I found myself sitting on the couch yelling, "Push him back!" I know, right now you are thinking about what a great mom I am.

Girl Twin has become a very bossy bird.  When she's really feeling sassy, she calls her brother by his full name before shouting out her demand.  Really, it's quite funny.

Boy Twin has been super dramatic this week.  He's throwing fits and screaming in a very annoying, high-pitched tone.  Need an example?  I opened the fridge to put in his half-empty cup of milk.  As I shut the door, he got really agitated, threw himself onto the floor and cried, "My do it!"  When I finally figured out what he wanted, I had to open the fridge back up just so he could close the door himself!

Ahh, twins.  A pair of two-year-olds.  Some days they make me laugh and some days they make me cry.  But every day I wonder if this will be the day I lose it.


  1. Hello friend! Just wanted you to know I stopped by. Raising kids, especially more than one, is always a lot of work. Just look at it this way...If they didn't make you work at it, you wouldn't be as good at it! I thought the bickering would cease as they got older, but it really doesn't. My ten year old will argue with my four year old as if he's her age. And the middle child..I never know what to expect. You are not alone my friend! You won't lose your'll just keep being the great mom that I know you are!

  2. Since they were total angels when you were here for the weekend a couple of weeks ago, I think you make this stuff up so you will have something to write about. Your life must be really boring! LOL!!! Hang in there, Daughter. You will miss all the craziness one day. Well, after you have some time to gather your wits and rest up.

    Much love, hugs and kisses to all....


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