Bramell, Party of Five: Pics

Monday, August 27, 2007


I don't think Fergie was very amused by the fact that she can wear Becca's old onesies. Just wait until wintertime Fergie!!
Aunt TP and Becca. Don't worry Grammy, Aunt TP didn't take all the lovin', just most of it!!
Look at that bottom lip fixin' to quiver.
Movie star in the making!!!


  1. Poor Fergie!!! That is a "can you believe they did this to me?" look!
    Tracy already told me she got lots and lots of lovin'. Becca better save up 'coz Grammy and Nanny will be there Friday evening to fight over what is left. You can tell that lip is just about to shouldn't pinch her when you hold her like that. Thanks for the update and pics. We are really looking forward to our upcoming weekend visit. See you all soon. Love to all.....

  2. Ya'll that is so mean!!! Poor Fergie already feels betrayed! The "grey is the new black" onsie made me smile! Lee, thanks again for bringing the pics to work and sharing them with us! I LOVED them! Becca is so precious!!!


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