Bramell, Party of Five: Becca is 3 months old!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Becca is 3 months old!!

Can you believe just 3 months ago the call came in that Becca was on her way!! To celebrate we well, we went for a walk and drank 4 oz. of formula....woo hoo!! Her daycare teachers say she is so quiet and good. She only cries when she wants to eat they say...I said they don't know the real Rebecca Bramell.

Her new thing is to try and stick her whole fist in her mouth. Grandma says it has 3 years worth of honey in the fingers. I remember mine having grape and orange flavors in them but to each her own I guess.
By the way, the shirt says "Grey is the new Black".


  1. WOW!!! She is really growing...and changing! Look how she can sit up like a big girl....
    I can't wait to get up there next weekend.....don't let Tracy and Pop get all the kisses this weekend. I am glad that she knows how to behave away from home (just like her mom). Thanks for the new pics!

    Love to all......

  2. Momma and I are always going to comment. I just can't help myself. I can't wait to see Becca Friday. She is so big now and I have missed so much!! I love the bald look :) It will be red. :)

    Love ya,

  3. Hi to all,
    OMG...Becca is the most precious thing I have ever seen!!!
    I can't believe she's three months old and her aunt Sandy hasn't even gotten to see her yet. I hope her Grammy and Aunt TP don;t get all that sugar before I can get to her!!! I would love to see all of you-I could really use some baby snuggling time right about now. Maybe when things are not so crazy for me I can get up there. My love to you all!!!!!!! Becca's FAVORITE great-aunt...Sandy


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