Bramell, Party of Five: Mad Cow Disease hits the Bramell House!!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Mad Cow Disease hits the Bramell House!!!

Or maybe it was the Bird Flu, who knows. We just know it wasn't fun. Becca got it first, on Thursday. Then I got it in the middle of the night Friday, and Lee followed on Saturday morning. We had to call in Grandma Francena to the rescue to spend Saturday with us to take care of Becca, since Lee and I were having trouble standing upright for very long. We are all better now, and everything seems almost back to normal.

I know there hasn't been a blog in a while, but we've been busy/tired/sick, etc. Grammy and Nanny came to visit on Labor Day weekend. We took Becca out to the Clothesline Fair, which is a big craft fair up here. We got her all dressed up and decked out to go, complete with her cool little sunglasses. She was definitely the belle of the ball, and got more attention than the kettle corn and the Indians playing the wooden pipes. (see photo).

That's really all that's new to report. Enjoy the new photos. Love to all.

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  1. I LOVE the shirt. Becca's Aunt TP does love her very much. And I already miss her again. I am glad that everyone is feeling better. Give Becca lots of kisses for me. I will see you soon.



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