Bramell, Party of Five: Vacation, Part II

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Vacation, Part II

So now I feel guilty.  Apparently after my Facebook posts and my one vacation blog post, it seems that I've made our beach vacation sound like a total bust.  I really didn't intend that; we did have some fun.  It just wasn't all listening to the waves, reading on the beach and sipping cocktails kind of relaxing.  It was busy. And tiring.  But so is everything else, right?

After giving it some thought, I decided this vacation was a lot like having a baby.  The more time that passes, the easier it is to forget the crummy parts.  That's why women keep having babies...and that's why we'll keep having vacations, too.

The weather was hit and miss the whole week, but we did manage to get some good beach time.  It was the twins' first time at the beach, and they were super excited about digging in the sand.  Lee was happy to assist with the obligatory burying in the sand antics.  This, of course, was hilarious to the kids.  

With there being double red flags the whole week, we really couldn't get in the water very far.  And really, I'm OK with that. Both girls seemed to like the water but Boy Twin wanted nothing to do with it. He said it was "too loud."  I think he just wanted to dig anyway.

We woke up to rain on the second day of our trip.  We hung around the condo until it let up enough to get out.  Then we ventured on down to Pier Park, which is the popular shopping/dining area in PCB.  We didn't dare look in the shops because of our three grabbers, but we were able to stop at the carnival rides in between rain showers.  I think Big Sis rode almost everything, including that crazy Sea Dragon thing (then nearly barfed).  The little kids would have ridden it if they could.  They obviously don't take after me.

We finished our rides just in time for an afternoon downpour, when we ducked into Pompano Joe's for some lunch and ten trips to the restroom.  The food was excellent, by the way.  The restroom was small.

I have more pictures to share, but it will take me a while to get them all posted.  I know you will all be anxiously waiting some more of our family nuttiness.

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  1. I am so glad that you did have some fun. Yes, vacations are a lot of work. But they are also a lot of memories. So, what is it with kids and public bathrooms? One of my kids is STILL like that. Drives me crazy. :) Can't wait to see more pics.


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