Bramell, Party of Five: Vacation Memories

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Vacation Memories

Here are the last of our beach vacation photos.  It's only been a month since we were there, but it feels like much longer to me.  Now, our summer is over. We have been experiencing fall-like temps for the past couple of weeks and Big Sis is about to head to 1st grade tomorrow.

For her summer assignment, she is supposed to write about something she did over summer break.  Much like her mom, she is turning out to be a procrastinator.  So today, she will be writing that paragraph.  Maybe she will write about how our family just cannot seem to take a decent vacation photo.

This is our condo, where we stayed on the 17th floor.  Great view of the Gulf!

This shark was outside of Sharkey's, the restaurant where we ate our first night there.  We didn't take photos then, but stopped on our way out of town.  Girl Twin begged to stop every time we passed by!  And, of course, what you do for one kid you have to do for all three.

Now THIS.  This is the most awesome vacation picture ever.  Right?  I love those family photos when everyone dresses in white and khaki and poses all pretty on the beach.  But that's not for us.  This is what we get.  Note to self: remember to bring the kids' sunglasses to help keep the sand from blowing in their faces.  I suppose we'll never be asked to model for any travel magazines now...

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