Bramell, Party of Five: Twin Tuesday: Broken Bone Edition

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Twin Tuesday: Broken Bone Edition

Well, after six+ years of parenting, it has finally happened.  I have been expecting this; I have waited for this day.  We have our first broken bone, people....I just didn't expect it to belong to Girl Twin.
We were at the Naturals baseball game on Thursday night, sitting on the grassy hill behind the outfield fence.  The kids were rolling down the hill, running and generally acting like wild heathens.  They were having fun, but the worry wart that I am, I fussed at them to "Stop!" and "Slow Down!"   As the kids were running down the hill for the umpteenth time, I turned around to look back over my right shoulder. That's when Girl Twin was THERE.  Right on me, and crashed into me, shoulder to shoulder.  I immediately saw stars had watery eyes, so I knew she was hurt.  Not to mention, she hit the ground and thrashed around screaming.
After we got her calmed down, we could assess the situation. I figured her arm wasn't broken but she still wasn't moving it at all.  We went home, got a bath and got her Tylenoled up.  Then we debated on going to the ER or waiting for office hours on Friday.  Long story short, she rested well overnight so we headed to the pediatrician first thing in the morning.  After X-rays, he told us it was a clean break on the collarbone.  No activity for 3 weeks, then we have to repeat the X-rays.  Poor kid will miss the start of soccer, but she's doing OK otherwise.  There's no treatment other than ibuprofen and rest.  And lots of cuddling from mom and dad over the weekend.
Here's a picture from last week.  We got some lollipops in the mail and these kiddos were in Heaven!




  1. Poor thing! Poor Mom! I worry something similar will happen here some time, because I'm always turning around to run smack dab into L, who is constantly right behind me.

    Thankfully it was a clean break and won't take too long to heal! I hope she's comfortable and will heal quickly!

  2. Poor C bug! :( I hope it heals soon! Good thing brother is being such a sweetie and watching out for her! Hopefully we will see y'all soon!!!

  3. Bless her heart...I didn't know. :( I hope she heals quickly!


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