Bramell, Party of Five: The Real Barbie Dream House!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Real Barbie Dream House!

Last Saturday, the girls and I got to visit the real Barbie Dream House!  Because I'm a cool mom, we had VIP passes to see the traveling display of Barbie Is Moving when it stopped in our area.  We were greeted by some very nice staff people who explained to us what exactly Barbie is moving...going into it, I wasn't sure.  Apparently, after all these years living in Malibu, Barbie has decided to pack up up her tiny shoes and clothes, sell the Dream House and move.  Crazy, I know!  Glad I have that Malibu Barbie packed away in the attic somewhere.  Anyway, Barbie has packed all her things and she's traveling around the country looking for a new home.  Could she be Walmart Barbie next?  I think she could rock the blue vest with ease, but she may have to get some longer skirts and more sensible shoes.

We were escorted to the front of the line at the Dream House, where little girls were going berserk to get dressed up in pink frilly tutus and boas to walk down the runway to loud, pulsating music and have their photos made.  Of course, you know my girls (at least the big one), didn't want any part of that madness.  And because Big Sis wouldn't do it, then Little Sis was a no-go, too.  So we watched.

Then we went outside to an area set up for the girls to actually design and color a dress to take home for their Barbie.  Remember the old "fashion plate" days?  Very similar here. We used carbon paper to rub off a design, then they could color it with permanent marker.  This is where we spent the most time, of course!

Then on to the face painting....always a crowd favorite.  Our final stop was in the Mega Bloks area, where they had a large bin full of blocks for the kids to build a "room" for the Mega Blocks dream house.  You can buy the kits in the store now to assemble your own rooms! And the girls got to bring home a small sample kit.  Girl Twin has carried her teeny, tiny little kitty cat all over and not put it down since Saturday.  And I *might* have had to dig it out of her mouth multiple times.  

Overall, a super fun thing to do with my girls on a warm Saturday morning.  They are stopping in 12 more cities across the country, so visit Barbie Is Moving and maybe you can catch it in your hometown.  It's fun and FREE!  

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