Bramell, Party of Five: The Day I Was Brave

Monday, June 3, 2013

The Day I Was Brave

Dressing room playtime!
If you've been anywhere near my Facebook page over the past couple of months, you know by now that I was selected to be a part of the 2013 cast of the Listen to Your Mother show in Northwest Arkansas.  The whole process actually started back at the end of February, when I submitted an essay to be considered for audition.  Then, I was called in to read my essay in front of judges.  I just thought that was scary!
Listen to Your Mother is a national series of shows about motherhood.  Simply put, it's women (and men) sharing their own stories and experiences about being a mother, having a mother or what we have learned from other mothers.  This year the show has happened in 24 cities in the US.  I am a part of something that's kind of a big deal, y'all!  I don't think I really realized it until the last minute.
As you  know, I'm not much for being the center of attention.  I was totally out of my element, but I pushed through it.  There is something so exhilarating about being terrified, when you know it's going to have a good ending.  So what made me get this crazy idea to audition to begin with?  I'm not sure.   I think, more than anything, I saw it as a creative challenge.  I am a writer and a storyteller---wow, my ARWB friends, I SAID IT. 
Through the process, I made some great new friends and got to share the stage with 15 amazing storytellers.  Being backstage in our dressing room was something fun that I'll never forget.  Some of us were nervous (me!), some were excited and some couldn't wait to get on the stage.   
I did it! I survived being in the spotlight. And I'm so glad I did.  Motherhood is a tricky thing.  I'm not perfect at it.  I stumble often (pun), and I constantly doubt my abilities.  And I also realize that everyone else does, too.  Motherhood is a wonderful sisterhood and I wouldn't want to give that up for anything.
All of our readings will be posted on You Tube sometime later this summer. I'll make sure I link up to it.  I will also post my essay for you to read later this week.

My turn on the stage.

Pre-show encouragement texted to me by my friend Keisha.


  1. I can't wait to read what you wrote! What a very neat evening!

  2. SO glad I was there to see it! I was/am just as proud of you as I was when you were a school aged kid performing in the band, a play or on the softball field. You are a grown up mother in your on right, but you are still my baby!

    Much love...

  3. Can't wait to see the video. I'm sure you did great!


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