Bramell, Party of Five: The Boys are back in Town....

Monday, March 17, 2008

The Boys are back in Town....

Jason Duffy's boys are here for a few days for Spring Break and the Bramell's went over there to watch the Razorbacks and see them. We had fun visiting, but not much fun watching the game. I guess it was destiny for the Dawgs to win that tournament. Becca had fun watching Justin and Matthew play and both of them wanted her to play too. I think her and Justin were hitting it off pretty good. Here are a few pictures of Becca and the boys and a few others taken at our house.


  1. Oh......those boys have gotten so big!!! They look so much alike too. I'm sure Becca thought she was about as big as them. Precious babies!!!

    The Hogs looked great against Vandy and the Vols (easy to say b/c they won). They just couldn't get it together against Georgia! They are just more fun to watch these days and John Pelphrey has so much passion, he just brings a lot to the team. I am ready to beat Indiana and just hope they can "keep it decent" against NC. They definitely got a crappy draw this time.

    That's it for now. Love to all...

  2. LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!! The boys are so sweet. I am sure Becca had a blast. I love that last pic of her. She is such a big girl. Can't wait to see you all very soon!


  3. Hey Rhonda!!! It's Leslie (fruit). I love your blog...Becca is adorable. I agree with Tracy about the last picture! She looks adorable....:)



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