Bramell, Party of Five: 5 Months old

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

5 Months old

Monday marked the 5th month for Becca outside Mommy's womb. She decided to stay up late to party, finally going to sleep around 10:00. She has been falling asleep around 7:30 and sleeping pretty much till 6:30 in the morning, except for the occasional poopy diaper or "i want my binky!!" cry. It has been a blessing for sure.
As you can see, orange is the theme!! We have not picked out a halloween costume yet, but she will get one before the weekend is over.
The family is going to get out of town this weekend and go to Branson, MO. Home of the worst traffic this side of the Mississippi. Actually it shouldn't be too bad this time of year. Fergie will be staying home with one of our friends Anne who will take care of the little monster while we are away. We didn't want Grandma's cats eating her while we left town!!
Enjoy the pics and watch for costume pictures soon!!!


  1. She has gotten so big! I think she looks like her TP's baby pics if I do say so myself. I can't wait to see her again. I will know next week when my 2nd surgery is and when know when I am coming up there. Have fun in Branson and take lots of pics!!!

  2. Becca is really changing! She is looking like Tracy more everytime I see her. Love the pics! Keep them coming. Hope ya'll have a fun weekend.

    Love, Aunt Nanette

  3. Ok, ok......I can see it too, in some of the pics anyway. Are you all happy now? I am looking forward to our next visit and seeing more new pics. Enjoy your trip....

    Love to all....

  4. she looks like tracy to me!!
    that is awesome, tracy is so proud of her. she is beautiful. seems everything is going great, and that is wonderful news. have fun on your weekend getaway.

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