Bramell, Party of Five: We're bringing sexy back...

Monday, March 31, 2008

We're bringing sexy back...

Watch out! Parents gone wild! I know the blog is supposed to be about Becca and Fergie, but I have to show off this hot couple. When was the last time we even got this dressed up for a night out? This is from Friday night at the American Cancer Society fundraiser (yes, I was working).

Are we not the best looking couple in town? Who knew that a mere 15 hours later we would be covered in puke! The last photo is me with my dearest volunteer, Miriam. I wanted you to see the full view of the dress I wore.


  1. The absolute BEST looking AND best dressed couple there. You both "clean up" well.....from whatever Becca "happens" to deposit on you. Thanks for sharing!

    Love you all....

  2. WOW! Rhonda that dress is so cute on you! You do look smokin'! Red cleans up pretty good for a white guy! hehe


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