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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Pretty is as pretty does...

This has been a very busy week. We've have had 3 big fundraising events at work, so I've had to be gone most of the evenings. I feel like I'm missing so much--especially since Becca STARTED WALKING on Thursday!! No kidding, really walking. She is obviously taking after her mom walking at such an early age. : )

She is having fun toddling all over the house. We left her with a baby sitter for the first time last night--it was our good friend Cassie Huffman, from Wynne. Cassie said she just walked all over. There was a minor incident with a baby/puppy collision, but it was ok.

Here are some fun pics from last week.

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  1. I think Fergie likes her OWN ears much better....she acts like she thinks she's being punished!

    I think Becca likes the bunny long as they are on HER and not the big bunny! LOL!!!

    Love you all!


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