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Sunday, March 30, 2008

It's Murphy's Law

Who is Murphy? I'd like to kick his butt.

After a grand total of 8 hours in Mothers' Morning Out last week, the babe is sick. Go figure. It is mostly runny nose and cough, but the congestion made her puke a couple of times on Saturday. By the way, there's nothing like being puked on by your child. We took a mother-daughter bath to complete the bonding experience.

Lee's first response is that we are not sending her back this week (or ever), but I'm trying to soften him up. If she doesn't get used to it now, it will just happen at kindergarten. I don't want my child to be "bubble girl" till she's 5 years old.

This post isn't intended to cause panic by the grandmas and aunts, so settle down. She's doing fine. I just wanted to vent, I guess.

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  1. All I can say is, it happens....a lot! I have had it all week myself. It just happens. And you are right, she needs to build up some immunity to germs or she will get sick every time you take her out somewhere. Ask any parent... it is just a part of having a baby just like bottles and diapers. And, I have been puked on numerous times by my children and have also taken mother-daughter bonding baths to get rid of it. :=)

    I love you all anyway....


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