Bramell, Party of Five: November 2007

Friday, November 30, 2007

Home Sweet Home

I just got back from our staff conference in Nashville. I was gone for three days!! It was so hard to be gone from Becca that long, but Lee did a great job with her. They had a great time together. I am sooooo glad to be back, though. I am staying home today to love on Becca all day.

I know it's been a while since an update. I'll do more later. Becca is sitting up by herself now really well. She is also eating lots of veggies and oatmeal. Her friend Eleanor Eichmann loaned us a jumparoo jumper, because she is walking now and has outgrown it. Becca just loves bouncing in it! It's so funny to watch her.

We've had some visitors over the past month. Tracy came one weekend in October, then Grammy and Nanny. Then for Thanksgiving, Becca got to meet her Uncle Ben and see the Pugsleys from Yellville. Becca enjoyed some mashed potatoes for her Thanksgiving treat.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

New study finds that eating veggies boosts hair growth...

See, it's true! Must be all the carrots and squash Becca has been eating lately. HA! No really, it's just a wig I promise. She was at my office trying on wigs the other day and we had to get a picture. But it is true that Becca is finally getting some real hair, thank goodness. She is also almost sitting up by herself and she's just about figured out how to roll over in the bed. She is getting to be such a big girl and we are having fun watching her.

Grammy and Nanny are coming to visit this weekend, so we are looking forward to that. Plenty of pics to come later...good night. It's bedtime at the Bramells.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Engelbert Pooperdink

Yes, Becca has a new nickname. She will always be our Petey, but now she is occasionally Engelbert Pooperdink. You can probably guess when this name applies. It's funny, and she likes it.

NEWS FLASH: This child apparently loves squash! She had carrots for 3 nights and did ok with them, but last night she had squash for the first time and cleaned her dish! She even cried when I took the spoon away from her. I think she is going to be a good eater. We are only doing veggies at night now for a few weeks, then we will go to two meals a day.

We also had another big thing happen yesterday. We broke up with daycare! Yes, we are taking Becca out of daycare. Nothing they did wrong, we really like it there, but Becca is going to start staying home with Dad. This will be so much better for her and hopefully keep her well over the winter. Dad will be able to play with her and take her to do fun things instead of being cooped up in that daycare all day with sick babies. Her last day is the 16th.

That is all for now, gotta get to work. Sorry no pics this time.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Trick or Treat!!

Well, here's our little penguin. It looks like she is dressed like Fergie! We couldn't get them both to cooperate for a picture. On Tuesday, all the kids went to Lee's office for a costume show and treats. Becca was really good and didn't mind the costume at all. However, Halloween night was another story. As you can see, she didn't want any part of the penguin suit--quite a fussy penguin. She kept it on about 10 minutes, then went to sleep at 6:30!! She event slept through the doorbell and kids knocking all evening.

The oatmeal feeding is going much better. We're still not sure how much is actually getting IN her instead of ON her, but she's getting the hang of it. We might try some veggies this weekend. I'm also happy to report that the cold is just about gone--3 weeks is enough already!!

Thank goodness it's Friday! Have a good weekend....
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