Bramell, Party of Five: May 2011

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Birthday, Part II

Here are the pictures of the kids playing at Boingo Bounce. Can I just say that I really wish we had thought of this business idea first??? It's just a big 'ole empty room with inflatable bouncy toys. You pay one price to get in and jump all you want....and parents are FREE! And yes, adults can jump, too. We did.

I guess I didn't get too many pictures because we were busy playing. They even had a cool area for the little babies to bounce around on. They liked the little rocking toys, too.

Ashley even stopped by for a visit.
Earlier in the day she took Becca for a real big-girl pedicure! Becca always has fun with Ashley.

4th Birthday Bash

Becca had a great 4th birthday! We just invited a few of her buddies to the park for cake then all went over to the Boingo Bounce to burn off the energy. The weather was great for the park, and the kids had a big time and lots of fun.

Funny thing is, we weren't really planning on having a party this year. But a couple of her friends from school just recently had birthday parties, so that got her asking about hers.

Didn't take long for her to get hot and sweaty!

Of course, her favorite friend Grayson had to sit next to her to open gifts!
They are so funny together.

The Barbie dolls were a big hit!!

Becca insisted on The Little Mermaid cake. It turned out great and very yummy, too! She is totally into the princess phase right now. We rotate favorites between Ariel, Cinderella and Belle from week to week.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Month 11 Update

Evan and Carley are quickly approaching their first birthday! I can hardly believe it. Just this time last year, as we were preparing for Becca's birthday party, I was feeling pretty miserable and ready for them to get here.

Here are some things about the kids this month.

Top 2 front teeth have finally broken through. That total is now Evan 4 and Carley 2.

For the past week, our best sleeper in the house has switched to worst in the house....could be related to the above item?

This boy wants to walk so badly! He is pulling up on everything; if you even walk past him, he will grab your leg and pull up on you.

Mr. Piggy loves to eat! He is out-eating Carley for sure. He will eat anything. And beg for more!

Still a good sleeper.

She is not the super crawler that brother is; instead, she does this funny scooting thing. But don't let it fool you; she can get anywhere she wants to very quickly.

She does not seem as interested in walking as Evan does.

Carley has a love-hate relationship with her bottles and food. She can take it or leave it. Sometimes she won't finish a whole bottle. She definitely does not want anymore baby food from a jar! She acts like that is pure torture.

Still crazy about her big sister.

Talking more than Evan, but no real words yet except for DA-DA-DA. She's just loud!

Here is a picture from dinnertime last week. Apparently, Miss Carley thinks she's in a recliner! This is how she sits every time she's in the highchair. She will even try to put her feet up when the tray is on!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Random Pictures

I don't really have a purpose for this post, other than to put up some new pictures.

Here is Evan playing under our end table. Looks like he's in jail! Now that he's mobile, the kid won't be still. Carley will sit and play quietly with a toy, but not this little dude.

Another fun thing to do is crawl underneath the exersaucer. Who knew?

And, this post can't be all about here's a little video of The Diva playing with the ball popper. You can see a little bit of her crawling technique, which I call "wounded soldier" style.

**Note: I tried all day, and can't get the video to load. Will try again tomorrow.

Our soccer girl

And yes, we finally have a new camera! Hooray!

Becca has been playing soccer this spring. Well, she is on a team. For the first several practices, she literally stood in the middle of the field with her head down and spoke to nobody. We almost let her quit, but decided to encourage, *cough* force her to stick it out.

After several weeks of practice and a few games, she's slowly coming around. She is starting to actually run around on the field and follow the action, but she's not trying to kick it yet. She will do it when it's her turn to kick off to start the game, though. The coach said her behavior is very normal for her age; most of the other kids are a year older and played together on the team last year, so they all know each other.

We have to wait until she's 5 to play t-ball, so this is all we have for now. I hope she'll come around and really start to enjoy it. In the meantime, she's enjoying wearing her uniform and shin guards!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Easter 2011

Unfortunately, we had a very wet and soggy Easter this year. We got 12.5 inches of rain over a week's time. I was able to go out and hide eggs for Becca once on Friday evening in a brief period of sunshine.

Friday night, we started dyeing eggs and finished up Saturday morning while we were waiting on Pop and Karen to arrive. We'd planned on going to Wynne for the weekend, but just couldn't get it together. Thursday night rolled around and laundry wasn't done and backs weren't packed. Lee and I were just exhausted from the week and we couldn't bring ourselves to road trip. Thanks Dad, for coming to see us instead! Of course, it would have been nice if the rain had stopped for Becca to play soccer and hunt eggs. Instead, we had a nice visit cooped up in the house. We didn't even get to dress up in our Easter best because I wasn't getting them out to go to church in that mess. Six whole days of storms!! Crazy.

We took some video of Becca's first time to color eggs. I think she had a great time.

As fate would have it, it's probably a good thing we didn't leave town. Figured out we have hail damage on our roof--Lee had to patch it or we might have come home to a flooded house. The insurance claims guy was supposed to come on Easter Sunday, but couldn't due to more storms. Moved it to today, but he's had to cancel again due to MORE RAIN TODAY. So, hopefully next week? Hail damage on the truck, too. Woohoo.

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