Bramell, Party of Five: Lazy Saturday

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Lazy Saturday

We are having a lazy day today. I was gone for a couple of days this week to meetings in Birmingham. It was very hard being away from Becca and Lee.

As you can see, Becca really likes to read! Many times a day she will take out all the magazines from the rack and look at them or tear them to pieces...another thing she likes to do is pull my hair then laugh. That is not fun at all! Her daddy is afraid she's going to be mean.

We are working on tooth #2; it's coming in right next to the other one on the bottom. That might be why she's had some rough nights this week (while I was gone, of course) :0

Here are a couple of pics of Petey in her new big girl jammies. Nanny bought these for her a few weeks ago. We love them! They are very soft and comfy.

We will go on Wednesday this week for Becca's 9 month check-up. We'll get to hear how perfect she is and how tall she's gonna be. I'll update if there's any news.


  1. Oh how sweet! Wel I am glad you are back home as is Lee, I'm sure. Now you can start planning a trip to TP's house!!! Would love to have you. She is so precious. Keep the pics coming, I can't get enough. I love ya'll and give Becca some lovin' from her TP.

  2. I knew she would be a genius!!! I also had a love for all things paper....magazines, newspapers and catalogs....and look how smart I am!!! :0 Surely such a baby must absorb all that information via osmosis?!
    Pretty soon you will be posting complaints that she not only pulls your hair but now BITES!
    I'm glad you are having so much fun with her and that she is such a happy baby. I miss you all so much and will see you when you come visit TP....we will ALL get to visit TP so she won't feel neglected.
    Nanny's pjs are really cute on Becca....I'll have to bring Nanny over to check out the blog.

    Love to all....


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