Bramell, Party of Five: February 2011

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

8 month update

WOW! Baby A and Baby B are now 8 months old...hard to believe it's gone so quickly. I wanted to take some pictures to post while we were snowed in, but *ahem* someone threw a tantrum and apparently broke the camera. I'll have to see if it can be salvaged.


Rolling over very well

Sitting up unassisted

Starting to roll over at night and belly sleep (like her sister did!)

Very LOUD baby--she doesn't cry, she screams

Chattering a lot, but nothing that makes sense

We think she is a vegetarian--clearly she prefers veggies to any baby food with meat. Totally the opposite of Becca at that age.

No teeth yet and no signs of any

Moved out of baby carrier and into rear-facing car seat

She is totally enamoured with big sister; can't take her eyes off of Becca. It's so cute!


Sitting up unassisted, but not rolling over yet

We call him "Screech" because of the sounds he makes

He still fusses quite a bit, but he's still very smiley too.

He's a flirt to everyone that talks to him or pays attention to him.

Stinker still won't sleep in his bed. Only sleeping in the swing or in bed with us (I know).

Very good eater, not picky about anything

No teeth yet, and no signs of any

Moved out of baby carrier and into rear-facing car seat

Last week, we went ahead and bought two new cribs for the kids. We were thankful to have a couple given to us before they were born, but unfortunately, they were both recalled. We had been waiting it out, but decided to go ahead and take advantage of a big sale at Toys R Us. The beds are really pretty. Thank goodness I have a handy hubby to take them apart and put them together.

We've also switched their formula (again), hopefully for the last time. We've started on the Member's Mark Gentle (purple can, dad) from Sam's. It's sooooo much cheaper. We are getting a full 7 days out of one 48 oz can! We keep reminding ourselves only 4 more months of bottles!! We've also been buying the Member's Mark diapers, too. They are working well for us and seem to be a good value.

Becca's friends are starting to turn 4 already, and it's making me sad. My baby is getting so big I can't stand it! She's so funny and smart and fun to have a conversation with. Her new thing is making up songs--she's always singing. I hope she's always a happy girl like this. She is a wonderful big sister and such a good girl. I'm a lucky mama for sure.
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