Bramell, Party of Five: November 2011

Sunday, November 20, 2011

New Pictures

Just a quick post to put up some new pictures today. We are  still  floating on Cloud 9 after the excitement of college football this weekend. We've got HOG FEVER around here, baby! Better than Bieber Fever, right? Hoping that next week I can post about us beating LSU and maybe (maybe?) going to the championship game!

Here's a sweet little pic of Carley waiting for her lunch one day last week. I love when Lee sends me these sweet little shots while I'm at work; it just makes my day so much better.

Evan wanted his lunch, too!


Guess what? We got to go to a Hog game for the first time in a couple of years.  Such a good one, too--the game vs TN, where we had a couple of amazing offensive plays.

Snacktime at the Bramell house.

Monday, November 7, 2011

More Halloween

Here are a few more pictures from our Halloween fun. Becca wore her costume to school, but the little ones just wore their holiday shirts instead. Much easier to get them around this way.

Carley and her crazy hair...I swear, the kid needs a haircut every 2 weeks!

I promised Becca that we'd make Halloween cookies. We tried last year, but they didn't turn out very good. Much better this time, and she enjoyed decorating them. What's funny is that I don't think she even ate one cookie! More for me and Lee...

Our 2 Jacks

My spooky skeleton boy--he was clearly not amused.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

More Becca Cuteness

You know that Becca is always cracking us up around here. I've had many stories in my head that I've needed to blog about, but haven't had the time lately. She is so talkative now, and her imagination is going wild! She is constantly talking about Disney World, Princesses and her imaginary friends. Having a conversation with her is not easy because we never know what she's talking about!

* The other day she was watching cartoons in the living room. I left the room to start some laundry. When I came back in, she'd accidentally changed the channel to the Home Shopping Network. They were selling rugs. She was sitting in the floor, totally focused on the TV.
                 Me: "Becca, what are you doing?"
                 Her: (very excitedly) "Mom, I'm watching this show about rugs!"

* Lately, every time I take her somewhere and leave the little ones home with Lee she says the same thing to him.  "Dad, are you sure you can handle this?"

* Her imaginary friends are still hanging around. Last week, she even bought groceries for them when we were at Walmart getting our own food. We have lots of fun with Mouse, Squirrel and their mom Basagna (like lasagna). Funny girl!

Halloween Fun 2011

I am glad we made it to Halloween! Becca was so excited that I just didn't think she could stand waiting another day. After much costume debating, she decided on her favorite princess, Ariel. Just our luck, we had the dress in our dress up supply, so I only had to find the red wig. Isn't she lovely? 

The kids had their Halloween party at daycare with games, prizes, candy and a pizza party. I went for a little while then ended up bringing Carley home because she was super fussy and wouldn't let me put her down. Evan, on the other hand, didn't seem to even notice that I was there. He was too busy throwing things and climbing on tables and chairs. Becca did really well and wore her costume (wig included) for the entire party. Trick-or-treating was a different story...

The cutest mermaid under the sea.

We went to our old neighborhood so Becca could trick-or-treat with Madison. It was their 3rd Halloween  together! We sure miss living by them.

The girls were funny and not even shy about saying "trick or treat" this year.

Before I get fussed at, this is about all the pictures we got of the little ones. It is impossible to get them to stand still for even a second! Lee might have gotten a few with his phone, so I'll have to check on that. After much debating and stress (for me), we decided on Mickey and Minnie for the little ones. You may recognize the Mickey costume since Becca wore it when she was 2. I found the polka dot dress at the Goodwill store and worked a little mommy  magic on it to make it work for Carley. Add a tail and ears, and there you go!  

Becca drove us nuts for a couple of weeks about dressing up with her. I couldn't talk Lee into it, but I went ahead and threw something together. It was really fun; the first time I've dressed up in many years.

Sweet little Minnie Mouse, on the move = blurry photo.

One of our friends from the old neighborhood (Nancy) invited us over to eat dinner before trick or treating. She made a nice dinner for us and the kids. Her little boy just turned 9 and I remember when he was the twins' age! Crazy!

I just had to take a picture of the little mischievous ones in the wagon. They just rode around all evening and hit each other with their pumpkins. They screamed, giggled, fought and yelled. It was pretty funny. About halfway through the night, Evan figured out that he could drag his pumpkin on the ground and make noise. So, of course, Carley had to do the same. It's monkey-see, monkey-do for them!

Overall, it was a good Halloween. Lee and I learned that getting 3 kids dressed and herded around is not easy! They all behaved very good, until the end of the night when Becca was so exhausted that she threw a fit. She's already talking about what costume she'll wear next year!
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