Bramell, Party of Five: September 2010

Thursday, September 23, 2010

To pee or not to pee

We are now on Day 6 of Becca's potty training adventure, or HELL as I call it. It started out very badly, but has taken a nice turn for the better. Let's start at the beginning. Actually, it's not the real beginning. This is about the 3rd time we've "started" this process. This time, we are just making more progress than the other times.

Lee and I took off for a quick trip to KC last Friday night. When we got home Saturday, Becca was wearing her panties (on her request). Grammy and Nanny got the ball rolling with her and we just kept it going. Saturday and Sunday were spent cleaning up puddles in the floor. Monday the girl just held it all day! Then Monday evening, she decided she likes to pee in the backyard. So by this time, she has peed a few times in the yard and pooped once! YES, she POOPED in the BACKYARD. Hey, whatever works. At least she'll be good at camping, right?

Monday night she woke up from sleep during the night and peed in the potty! What shock! So this brings us to Tuesday. Since there was no daycare, Lee and I were able to stay with her and practice all day. She finally started using the potty! In the last 24 hours, she has used the potty 3 times, stayed dry all night and had 1 accident at school today. Not too bad, Big Sister!

Keep your fingers crossed that we'll have this girl potty trained in the next week or so. But at least she is not begging for her diapers back.

I'll try to do better about blogging. Where does the time go? I never have time anymore!!
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