Bramell, Party of Five: One-Eyed Fergie

Monday, May 25, 2015

One-Eyed Fergie

It's been two months since Fergie's surgery to remove her right eye. It was such a hard decision for us to make, but still the right one, we believe. After her injury in January, we waited and treated the eye with drops in hopes of a different outcome. Once the eye pressure went back up, the vet thought that she may be in pain--much like a human would have a headache. Rather than keeping her on pain pills and eye drops forever, we decided to have the eye removed.
Fergie handled the whole thing like a champ, once she got over being mad at us. I'm not joking; she gave us the cold shoulder for a solid week before she caved. Of course, she hated wearing the cone for two weeks and bumped into everything in the house. Once the cone came off, she quickly got back to her old self. We still run and play ball like before. The only difference I've noticed is that she will take longer to judge distance now than before, but she's otherwise adjusted well.
Here's our pretty girl post-surgery and now.

PS: Girl Twin thinks we should adopt a one-eyed boy Boston to be her friend. LOL!

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  1. I'm glad she has adjusted so well. It's so horrible, trying to decide what's best for our furry kids. She is still just beautiful!


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