Bramell, Party of Five: Weekend Visit Bliss

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Weekend Visit Bliss

A couple of weekends ago, we were so excited to get a visit from TP and Piper! We hadn't seen them since Christmas because of so much snow and Big Sis's ice skating lessons; it was way too long between visits.
We had hoped to take Piper to our favorite park, but it rained on Friday and Saturday. We ended up at the park Sunday after they left, when it was beautiful, warm and sunny (of course).
The kids had so much fun playing. Piper loved on Fergie. And we got to have lunch at The Catfish Hole! Oh, and Saturday night, we took the kids to play at Fun City. It was a busy visit, but we loved it!
I cannot believe that Piper is growing so fast. She's a sweetie and a lot of fun. Her mama must be doing something right.

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