Bramell, Party of Five: March 1st Snow Fun!

Monday, March 2, 2015

March 1st Snow Fun!

We had a snowy weekend (again) here in Northwest Arkansas. It started on Friday afternoon and snowed pretty much non-stop until late Saturday night. We got about 2.5 inches with a nice layer of ice on top.

We would have had more fun playing outside on Saturday when the snow was softer, but it was also only about 20 degrees. Mama hates to be cold, which the kids know. So Saturday, we opted to stay inside snuggling and cooking all day. 

When the temps were around 33 on Sunday morning, I happily suggested that we head outside to play before the snow melted. After half an hour of bundling up, off we went! I couldn't believe that even Fergie loved playing out in the snow! The ice on top made it too hard for building a snowman, but we made a few snowballs and took a walk around the block for fun. Too bad we don't have a hill in our neighborhood for sledding!

After playing outside for a bit, we came back in to have some hot chocolate and call Nanny to wish her a happy birthday.

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  1. Looks like y'all had a lot of fun. My kids love the snow as well. Bundle up for the next round!


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