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Friday, April 4, 2014

Conversation With My Kids

I had another fun bedtime conversation with Girl Twin last week that I want to share.  I'll be honest, bedtime is not always fun for us simply because we are outnumbered and we have three kiddos who require a lot of assistance and attention.  Mainly, the little ones like me to lay with them (in separate rooms, of course) while they fall asleep.  While there are about eleventy million other things that need to be done during that time, I put them aside and lay with my kids.  This is when we have some of our best chats.
This particular night I was with Girl Twin and we got to talking about vacation.  Of course, she requested a trip to Disney.  I told her about the time we went when she was a toddler and promised a return trip when she's a little bigger.  We talked about the trip we are planning to "the lake" this summer and about swimming.  I then told her we might even try to go to Tulsa a few times.
Her:  "I like Tulsa dip."
Me:  (confused)  "Did we have Tulsa dip?"
Her:  "Yes! I like the red dip!" 
Ahhh, salsa dip!  Haha.
The same night, we laid in bed talking about school.  She said, "Why is it taking so long to get to Walker?"  (That's Big Sis's elementary school).  The kids are so ready for kindergarten!  I told her that she had to be able to spell and write her name before she can go to Walker.
So, I asked her to spell her name for me...which she did, flawlessly.
Then, I asked her to spell brother's name.  Again, easy peasy.  Then, I asked her to spell Big Sister's name.
"B-E-R-L-E-Y!"  (I think she thinks everything ends in LEY!")
I love that kid.

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  1. I love seeing this type of post! They are growing up so fast!!! One day soon, they won't want you in their rooms, especially to put them to bed. Enjoy the "cuddle" time while you have it and use it to make sweet memories. Those other things that you could be doing can wait! I'm glad that I will see you all again soon. They are so much fun - I can hardly wait!

    Love to all...


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