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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Play It Loud

I'm continuing my post from Monday, after I got to thinking about how often the music I listen to reflects my mood (and vice versa). 

There are some songs that just call out to me to play at a high volume and sing along with.  The singing usually only happens when I'm alone in the car--nobody wants to hear that, I promise.  A song I like doesn't have to have a special meaning to me, but occasionally it will.  Sometimes, I like it simply because it makes me happy.

Along with the two songs I mentioned on Monday, here are a few more that I thought of this week:
  • Anything by Audioslave--seriously, this band rocks.  Credit my hubby for introducing me to them. Sadly, the band has disbanded, but not before I saw them perform live.
  • Wanted Dead or Alive--Bon Jovi classic; how can you not love this song?? Possibly my most favorite song ever in the history of songs.
  • Harder to Breathe--Maroon 5; Oh, I don't even know what to say. Fun song, good lyrics, music is awesome turned up loud. Just try it!
  • Good Directions--Billy Currington; it's just a good, happy country song.

  • Shameless--the Garth Brooks version; just try not to sing along. I dare you.
  • Gives You Hell--All-American Rejects; listen to the lyrics. Really, who doesn't feel this way about an ex?
I asked my readers to leave comments with some of their favorite "play it loud" or "driving fast" songs.  Here's what they said--

  • Sweet Child 'O Mine; GnR classic.  Solid contribution, Adrienne.
  • Always Something There to Remind Me; Naked Eyes.  Totally reminds me of all the 80s movies I love.  Good one, Jody.
Anyone else want to add to the list? I can come back and make edits.  Maybe we can make a mix tape when we're finished... 

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