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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Pinterest Made Me Do It

It was hard for me to choose the title for this post, as I had thought of several.  Some of the alternate titles to this post:

Pinterest is Making Me Fat  
Damn You, Pinterest

Anyway, it seems like we've been on a Pinterest binge here lately. Honestly, I don't spend a lot of time on there because I don't have a lot of time.  As for recipes, I tend to fly through the boards and pin things willy-nilly, and go back later when I'm making our weekly meal plan.  I've gotten really lucky with the last few things we've tried.  All home runs, actually.  And now, I will share with you.

Cinnamon Swirl Bread--I got this recipe from blog-stalking Reba at Cooking with the Clouds, who got it from Pinterest, here. I like to plan my meals for the week, and on her blog she does the same thing. So I let her do the work for me!  Ha, ha just kidding....sort of.  Whatever, the bread is freaking fantastic!  It was very easy to make and I had all the ingredients in my kitchen already. The hard part was waiting until breakfast the next morning to slice it.  Two thumbs up!  And I'm making a double batch this weekend.

Photo credit: ate ours too fast for a photo.  Oops.

Pepperoni Quesadillas--Are you kidding me?  I've been making quesadillas for years and never thought of this!  Just like it sounds:  pepperoni and shredded mozzerella between two tortillas.  Use pizza sauce for dipping. Genius!  Again, no photos.  But here is the link to the recipe with a photo HERE.  Tip: I used the mini pepperonis and it worked great. I also made a few with the sauce inside, which was fine, but a bit more soggy than I like.  I know Lee liked this dinner because of his reaction:  "These are awesome. You should blog about it!"  

Monster Cookie Dough Dip-- Just a warning: if you make this, be prepared not to stop eating until it's gone. OH. MY. GOSH.  Seriously, I made it for our Christmas festivities and then again for a potluck at work this week.  The recipe just happens to contain a few of my favorite junky snack treats--chocolate chips, M&M's and peanut butter.  Oh, and we ate ours with pretzels, but I bet graham crackers would also be a tasty dipping partner.  Here's the recipe and here's my photo:

This is my photo, as I'm sure you guessed. Not a professional.

I think I will probably make Pinterest Made Me Do It a regular feature on the blog. This is a fun way to share recipes and document other projects that we are doing (ex: the advent calendar).  Leave me a comment to let me know if you like this idea.  Or if you just want to share in my love/hate relationship with Pinterest.

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  1. I am typing this with Mod Podge all over my fingers...due to Pinterest, of course. :) I love your idea of doing this regularly. It is fun to see what works for others and what doesn't. And I am glad to know about the dip. It looks amazing. I will be making that very soon. I love to see different ideas which is why Pinterest is so fun. I haven't made the pepperoni quesadillas but I learned how to make "pizza" grilled cheese from Pinterest, one of my favorite quick lunches. And tonight we are having a pepperoni roll (Rhodes dough) due to Pinterest. :)


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