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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Big Sis Bragging

Now it's time for me to do a little bragging on Big Sis.  You can see that she's lost her first tooth, and let me tell you, that was a big ordeal.  You would have thought the kid was dying when that tooth fell out. And that was in October, I think.  I probably should have written that down somewhere. Oops.

Anyway, back to bragging.  I am super proud of my baby because she has just come home from staying in Wynne for FOUR nights by herself! We were there after Christmas and she decided to stay since she didn't have school.  Big Sis stayed one night with Nanny, two nights with Grammy and one night at Pop's house.  That's the longest she's been away from us.  I really wasn't sure we'd get her to come home; I think she really liked being the center of attention.  She didn't have to share hugs, toys or anything else with the twins for four days.  She stayed up way too late every night and got to spend New Year's Eve with her great-grandma.  Who could blame her?  And the rest of us got to spend a few days as a Party of Four, which was nice, yet kind of strange.

We are glad to have her home because we missed her so.  And now, we are trying to get back into our regular school routine.....that's making us all tired!

Edit:  Grammy reminded me that it was indeed Nov. 1, 2012 when Big Sis lost that first tooth. It just fell out while we were brushing her teeth.  Another cool thing? She put together her first 100-piece puzzle (by herself!) at Grammy's house after Christmas! That seems like an important milestone to remember for some reason.

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  1. She actually lost that tooth brushing her teeth before bed on November 1. I was there. We had gone Trick or Treating the night before. You are right about her reaction. She later admitted that it didn't hurt, but she was freaked out by the blood. I guess nobody warned her that it might bleed a little.
    I absolutely LOVED having her at my house. We did stay up way late and she got to eat what she wanted and do what she wanted, too. That's the fun of having grandparents. It's also fun to BE the grandparent. I enjoy spoiling her, then sending her home. I just wasn't quite ready for her to go yet. I hope to have her visit me again soon....

    Love to all...


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