Bramell, Party of Five: Twin Tuesday: Our Jingle Bells Rock

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Twin Tuesday: Our Jingle Bells Rock

Funny how I get the best twin nuggets on Tuesdays. I had nothing planned to write for today, and it just happened all by itself.

Just as I am complaining about how much these kids fight, they shock me with this.  Tonight, as we were sitting at the dinner table, Boy Twin says: "Sister pretty. I love her."  I could have cried. Then, as if she understood the compliment, she went over and squeezed herself in the chair beside him. And they hugged. O-M-G. Adorable!

We've been listening to a Christmas CD in the van on the way to daycare every morning. They have definitely decided which songs are their favorites; Miss Bossy will scream her request from the back seat like I'm a DJ or something.  Out of 12 songs on the disc, we actually listen to about four of them.  Today:

Girl Twin:  I want Jingle Bells Rock.

Boy Twin:  No Jingle Bells Rock!

Girl Twin:  I want Jingle Bells Rock!

I start playing Jingle Bell Rock and Girl Twin starts singing along.

Boy Twin:  TOO LOUD!!


  1. I know that most days you are ready to crawl into a cave and hibernate until spring (or forever), but you would miss these little episodes that show up now and then. Even if they are few and far between, not a one of them is worth missing. This made me tear up. Siblings fight. You and Tracy fought. I thought y'all would hate each other, but look how close you are as adults. Hang in there, dear. These next 15 years or so will be gone before you realize it. I am SO ready to get hugs and kisses from my Bramell family.

    Love to all...

  2. That makes me want to cry, too! They love each other. So precious. I love the picture, too.

  3. Ooops, forgot to sign my name - Aunt Pam


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