Bramell, Party of Five: Pre-holidays 2011

Monday, January 2, 2012

Pre-holidays 2011

I know it's been a long time since the last post. Oh well, December happened. Will try to do a quick update, as it's getting late and my vacation ends tonight. Ugh. So not ready to go back to work!

Before Christmas, we took the kids to the mall. We thought we'd do some shopping--but--it was someone's bright idea NOT to bring the stroller. HA! No way, Jose. Those kids were going buck wild. We stopped to see Santa but not one of them cooperated. I'm sure it was quite funny to anyone who was watching us: Becca stayed in the line, the babies actually walked up to him but wouldn't sit with him. We finally settled on a high five from Santa and went on our merry way. At least there were no tears, right?

Every time we are in the mall, Becca has to ride the little rides. So I guess now we've started it with Carley and Evan. They loved it! Note to self: always take plenty of quarters or you're screwed.

The Fayetteville Square is always so beautiful at Christmastime. I have more photos, but these came off Lee's phone and are much easier to access.  Becca rode the ponies twice. Better than last year, when she cried. See, we are making so much progress! It was pretty cold out, so we didn't stay long. Babies enjoyed looking at all the pretty lights. Evan enjoyed flirting with all the old ladies.

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