Bramell, Party of Five: More Becca Funnies

Monday, January 2, 2012

More Becca Funnies

It's late and I'm trying to get to bed so I can get up early to exercise. Wanted to write down a couple of Becca funnies before I forget.

  • Becca and Carley went to stay a few days at Tracy's house the week of Christmas, so Lee and I could finish our last minute prep. The first thing Becca said when she got home (seriously, THE FIRST):        "The house is so clean!"  Yeah kid, much easier to keep clean with only one kid around. Duh.

  • We took the kids to Silver Dollar City for the last night of the Christmas Festival. We didn't tell Becca we were going until we were ready to leave, as she has turned into a Miss Million Questions kind of gal. It's exhausting. We were literally on the other side of Springdale heading out of town when she asked (for the first time), "Are we there yet?" Seriously, 3 miles from our driveway.

  • Then, poor kid, the anticipation was killing her. The traffic into SDC was horrible, the parking was horrible and waiting in line at the gate wasn't much better.  We got inside before dark, so she couldn't really get the whole effect of the lights right away.  It wasn't long after dark that she was running around screaming, "It's the first day of my life!" over and over. Hilarious, as we're sure she meant the BEST day, not the first. But who could burst her bubble like that?

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  1. That girl ALWAYS makes me laugh! Thanks for posting.

    Love to all...


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