Bramell, Party of Five: Our vacation, Part I

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Our vacation, Part I

This is the tale of Becca's first boat ride. We went out to Greers Ferry Lake on Tuesday, after 2 days of steady rain. Finally, some sun!! When we got to the marina, we weren't sure about taking the "scenic cruise" since it lasted 2 hours....but then we decided to go for it. But before we got on board, Becca got to feed the giant smelly fish hanging around. I took video of it that I will post later in the week.

This is a house that we passed along the lake. Someone is a lucky dog, for sure. It was ginormous!

Captain Victor let us take Becca out on the deck even though it was against the rules (shhhh, don't tell!). Of course, all she had to do was look at him and say "go outside" and he gave in.
Glad it's not just us. We're all victims.

It's ON now!! After the first 15 minutes of the ride, she didn't sit down again. We took turns sitting out on the deck with her. She wandered all around the boat making friends and flirting with all the other people on the boat.

*Editor Note: Please ignore my husband's idiotic mustache. That is the result of a "contest" among 6 grown men trying to outdo each other. Happy to report it's now gone.

Cheese! What a funny girl.

I'd give the 'ol scenic cruise at Fairfield Bay Marina a two thumbs up. We all enjoyed it, even though Lee was itching to go play golf on that beautiful day. I think he agreed to the cruise just because I wanted to do it. But he did get another (more) beautiful day on Wednesday to play golf. I think he played 40 holes or something ridiculous. But that's ok, because me and Becca went to a puppet show in town. More on that later.....


  1. It certainly looks like Becca and the folks enjoyed the scenic cruise. It will be a sad day when Becca discovers that her charms do not work on her kindergarten teacher! But, until then, I believe she should use them whenever she can to get what she wants.....Oh, I wish I had some of her charm! LOL! Looking forward to the pics of Vacation Part II. And I, too, am glad to see the moustache gone, even though it was pretty funny! Who won the contest? Can't wait to see y'all again...hopefully, real soon.

    Love to all...

  2. She looks more like you everyday! We have a cabin just down from FairField Bay it sure is a pretty place to be!


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