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Monday, May 4, 2009

The joys of being a kid

I've had these pictures for a while, but haven't had time to get them on the blog. I took Becca with me to the Relay For Life in Fort Smith back on April 24. I was going anyway, and Lee had to work late, so I figured she'd like to go along for a bit.

The girl had a blast! First off, the Relay was the best one I've ever been to--so I was excited, too. Here are the pics that I took.

There is a Planters factory in Fort Smith, so Mr. Peanut came to hang out. Becca would walk up to him, but wouldn't talk to him or shake his hand. She just said "peanut" about a million times.
This hairy dude is Strike, the mascot for The NWA Naturals baseball team. Or, as Becca lovingly calls him, "Monkey!" I guess I can see why she thinks he's a monkey. Again, wouldn't get close to him, but begged me to go see the monkey the whole time we were there.

AND THIS.....look at my big girl!! Her first time in a bouncy house! She begged me to "jump!" and I was very unsure about it. We watched the other kids for a while, until I couldn't stand the begging anymore. It took a couple of pushes to actually get her through the door but she LOVED it and asked to do it again! I was just shocked (and sorry that Lee wasn't there to see her).

So, this concludes Becca's fun night out at Relay. I thought she would sleep on the way home, since it was her bedtime. Wrong. For the entire hour-long drive home, this was our conversation:

Becca: Peanut!!

Me: Yes, Becca, we saw the peanut.

Becca: Monkey!!

Me: Yes, Becca, I know we saw a monkey. His name is Strike.
Becca: Jump, boys!!
Me: I know, you jumped with the boys. You are such a big girl!
Repeat this 100 times over the next 2 days. I'll be so glad when she can say a whole sentence!!


  1. Thanks for the pics AND the update! Our girl is so cute and getting so big. I think the Wynne Primary Teachers will have a bouncy house at our Relay too. No "peanut" or "monkey" that I know of but it will still be fun! I hope that y'all will be able to come.....

    Love to all...

  2. This is just the begining of all the talking. I swear someone didn't pack the remote control in the box for my girls. Mary Margaret can text and talk 100 miles a minute 24/7. (The 24/7 is a direct quote from the 14 year old herself.)

    and its worse now

    she's in love

    sure to be drama with that

  3. Oh sister, how so so sweet! I can't wait to see you both this weekend and I will make sure Becca gets to jump all she wants! I love having conversations with her even though she can't say much....
    You will have to call me to tell me about he jump, monkey, and peanut! I would love for her to tell me all about it. See you soon! I love ya!


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