Bramell, Party of Five: Where did the time go??

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Where did the time go??

My baby girl is 23 months old today. Yes, that's month, she'll be TWO! How did this happen? Where did my baby go? I swear she is growing every night in her sleep. I used to rock her and hold her, but now I just get a hug and kiss before bed with a wave good-night.

A couple of things I don't want to forget. The other day Becca got in my face and said "MEAN!" I think she was calling me mean?? Which should not surprise me, since she also told Lee that "I boss!" (referring to herself, of course). Oh dear.

I'll have some pics from Tracy's visit up soon.

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  1. Of course you are MEAN! You are always saying, "No, Becca! Get down, Becca! Don't climb on that, Becca! Sit down, Becca!" You never let her do what she wants!!!! LOL!!! You'd better write this stuff down. It's too funny!

    Love to all...


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