Bramell, Party of Five: Warning: Cheesy

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Warning: Cheesy

One more thing I wanted to mention. Yesterday was the 7th anniversary of the day I met Lee. Everyone together now, "Awwwww." Yeah, I know. That year, it was Fat Tuesday and some mutual friends of ours were going out on the town. Being the total wuss that I am, I just joined them for a game of cards and some adult beverages, then opted out of the going out part---in my defense, I had been working late that night at a radio event. At least that boy was smart enough to keep after me. I was too tired/retarded/oblivious to think that my future husband was sitting in that room with me!

Good job, babe. Way to be persistent--look what it got you. : )

This also makes me realize that we need more pictures of us.


  1. get that sentimental side from your mom. I remember a lot of "first time" dates in my life that once held the same great significance. Rhonda, I can remember some of our conversations during the time of Lee's "persistence"....and I, too, am glad that he didn't give up. Just look at the pay-off for ALL of us!!! We love you, Lee!

    Love to all...


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