Bramell, Party of Five: News Alert: No more home phone

Monday, February 2, 2009

News Alert: No more home phone

FYI to all---we are going to have our land line phone service cut off this week, for several reasons. Mainly, because we are unhappy with the Vonage and because we use our cell phones most of the time anyway.

We thought this was the best way to let everyone know. We will both still have our cell phones.

Mine is 479-422-8408 and Lee's is 479-236-8785 if you don't already have them.


  1. Good move! I hate trying to talk to you on that Vonage line. If you pay a dollar for it, it's too much!!! Since TP says that Becca has turned into a chatty little thing, I need to call and see for myself.....probably tomorrow. So tell her Grammy is going to call to talk to her.

    I hope everyone in your area has their electricity back on. It is still bad north of us. I heard this morning that there are 10,000 light poles on the ground that will have to be replaced and the estimated completion is up to 4 weeks. So, I am counting our blessings!!! Talk to you soon!

    Love to all...

  2. Oh I enjoyed Becca calling me last night SO VERY MUCH!! I loved that she yelled out TP! She is so smart. She knows her name and how old she is! I can't wait to see you guys! Call anytime Becca wants to talk to her TP!!


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