Bramell, Party of Five: I guess we were "Destin"ed for vacation.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I guess we were "Destin"ed for vacation.

We arrived at our condo around 6:30 p.m. yesterday. We hit the road about 11:00 after watching the weather channel for a few hours. We had decided to get to Waynesboro, MS; eat some lunch and plan our decent south to Florida. We could either keep going on Hwy 45 to Mobile, AL or take a different route further east and then down to the coast.
After a quick bite at the local Wendy's, I made the executive decision to stay on Hwy 45; after all it was hardly even raining; how bad could it be? About 10 miles down the road we found out. The radio was tuned to MS public radio and about every 5 minutes a new tornado warning popped up. At first they were south and west of us according to the atlas. But then they seemed to be in the county we were heading to or the one we were in!! We kept on truckin' however and after about 2 hours of white knuckle driving we made it to a gas station for some cover on the outskirts of Mobile. We knew the tunnel and the causeway were closed so we took a "detour" around Mobile that brought us into Pensacola. It was smooth sailing the rest of the way and nary a raindrop since. Destin is beautiful and our condo/resort is quite nice.
Now that I have experience driving in a hurricane we'll be ready when we leave here; just in case Hanna decides to show up.
We will post some pics later, but for now we are off to the beach. Y'all have fun in tropical storm Gustav!!


  1. What an adventure!!! I guess that UPS training came in handy driving through the outer bands of a hurricane.... So glad to hear that you are having pretty weather for your time at the beach. Enjoy it while you can and let's hope Hanna doesn't send you running for home before the vacation is over. I'll keep a watch on the blog....I want to see some pics of my baby wading in the gulf, digging her toes into the sand and enjoying that pool. Be careful and have a great time!!!

    Love to all....

  2. Glad you guys made it! I always wanted to be a weather girl! :) haha Looks like you are having good weather now. Have fun and take a lot of pics! It is raining like crazy here! Keep blogging! Love you!


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