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Monday, August 11, 2008

Random Thoughts

I know we have not posted in a while, so here you go. No new pictures yet, but we'll take some this week for sure. Grammy is on her way to Northwest Arkansas to spend the week with us and help out with the Boo.

We have decided that Becca is going through some weird eating phase. Right now, she is a "meatatarian," meaning that she is only eating meat (and cheese, too). For some reason, she is refusing the fruits and veggies that she used to gobble up. Who knows. I guess it will pass. We are much too tired to force it.

Another weird thing...we are sure that she is visibly growing in her sleep! This girl is getting SO BIG so fast! It is so wonderful to see her smiling face when she wakes up from her lovely 3 hour nap.

I counted her words over the weekend. Lee and I have been a bit concerned that she's not where she should be on her vocab. But after really thinking about it and making a list, we feel much better. Here's the list of her words for now: Mama, Daddy, Fergie (sounds like "dee-dee"), banana ("nana"), bye, hi, baby, ball. Luckily, no dirty words....which we are very thankful for!

In the body part game, she only knows mouth and belly button--so we have to get working on that.

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  1. I had a great time helping out with the babe......she is just awesome. Thank you for teaching her to say "Grammy" (actually comes out as "Mammy") before I got was a totally unexpected delight. I got some much needed time away from home and the office. I can't wait to see all of you again next month when you come in for the big bridal shower. I'll check the (very) few pics I was able to snap of "girl on the go" and send you any that are viewable. Again, thanks for having me...I really enjoyed being there.

    Love to all...


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